Thursday, 2 April 2015

Weekly Update #76: "There's Pain... And Then There's PAIN"

In which Dave Sim discusses: The expected eight-week physio program for his right hand, the impact on the Cerebus Archive Number Three Kickstarter rewards, and pain relief during his hospital stay.


Hi Folks, Dave Sim sent these photo's to me via Rolly and asked me to post them as an update.

FYI ~ "Camp David" is a detached outbuilding on the property of the "Off White House", in the back yard. It makes me think of a small 'cottage' I suppose, fully insulated and finished with drywall, carpet and ceiling drywall. From the outside it looks a bit like a car garage, although there is a walkway with a roof overhang on the side so you can sit and stay dry while its raining. It was probably used as a secondary workplace at one time, as well as a 'place to chill' I suppose. It had couches, coffee/end tables, lamps and the like, which have now been removed and its purpose is now to store the OWH comic collection and a work space where Fisher and Rolly are removing the 4,000 or so negatives from the flats that they were taped to, and placing them into plastic comic bags that then come to my place where Karen (aka FMK - Funkmistress Karen scans them and uploads them to the cloud so Sean in San Diego can retrieve them). It's about the size of a single car (North American sized...) garage, but no garage door. It has electric heaters but no A/C, so I don't think it would be too comfortable in July and August during hot/humid weather.

Dave Fisher carrying some Comics Revue Presents books upstairs

Fisher placing the Comics Revue Presents books in The Rectangle Office

Discussing which comic books will be moved to Camp David

Time for some soup!

Fisher explaining his plan on how to organise the comics.

Long Boxes

How the books are stored at Camp David

Physiotherapy Clinic where Dave is getting his wrist treated


George Peter Gatsis said...

WELL SAID SIR! ... Well said.

George Peter Gatsis

Anonymous said...

Can Dave share some information about the Bible dictionary from which he's reading(title, publisher, etc.)?

An equally scholar-squirrelly question: I see The World Encyclopedia of Comics sitting on top of one of the book shelves in the third picture ("Discussing ..."). Can somebody take a photo of the other (presumably) reference works Dave keeps handy? It would be interesting to know which ones he judges worth having available.

Lastly, having done physical therapy to recover from foot surgery while in the Army, I can attest to the fact that the exercises, while they may seem simple -- almost too simple to make a difference -- do yield results over time.

Glad to see Dave on the mend.

--Claude Flowers

Tony Dunlop said...

1. Terrific race, the Romans

2. Wishing a Christian "Happy Good Friday" is kinda like wishing a Jew "Happy Yom Kippur" (which somebody did to a Jewish friend of mine once)

3. For those of us who are Orthodox, "Good" (we call it "Holy") Friday is NEXT week. Has to do with using 4th century methods for calculating phases of the moon, as I understand it.

Micah said...

I'm not entirely clear whether Dave's physiotherapist cleared him to do all those signatures, which will take many hours of repetitive work to finish, or if it is just Dave's assessment that he will be okay to do it.

If there is any chance that doing all those signatures, which I think will number in the thousands if each print in approximately 250 portfolios is signed, will in any way undermine Dave's recovery, I would gladly waive having the signature.

I would be happy with an assistant doing a stamp as was suggested earlier, or nothing at all.

So, please, if there is any chance of it undermining Dave's recovery, no signatures for me. It should be easy enough to identify my portfolio from my first name on here.

Anonymous said...

Can he do left-handed signatures? I think everyone's expectation is only that THE Dave Sim (as opposed to a proxy, as occurred with some "personally autographed" sports memorabilia in years past) sign their purchases, not that THE Right Hand of Dave Sim must do the signing. If anything, these could become Limited Edition Left Hand Signature, highly sought-after in decades to come.

In all seriousness: Even if it's "rougher" by comparison to his right-handed work, it's still just a guy signing his name. There is ample proof that signatures change over time, but the inherent value remains. There are resources available by which people can date when a Beatles record was autographed, based upon the shape of the letters of John, Paul, George, and/or Ringo's autographs.

Muhammad Ali has signed things since developing Parkinson's syndrome, and while shaky, it's still THE signature of The Champ, and thus prized.

If signing right-handed would hamper his recovery, I hope Dave will consider a left-handed alternative, and expect that any fan receiving said signature would be OK with it.

--Claude Flowers

Max West said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery, Dave. And you have to take three Tylenols? Yikes!

Jeff Seiler said...

Leave it to the one-and-only Dave Sim to always put things in perspective, and with impeccable timing...

Jeff Seiler said...

Also, considering that Dave could write (er, dictate) an Encyclopaedia Britannica-length work on the history of comics and comic techniques, it would also be interesting to know just for what and how he utilizes his various reference books.

Michael Grabowski said...

I can't speak to Yom Kippur, but Good Friday brings that curious mix of somberness and joy. Christians are reminded of our grim awareness of our complicity in His death by our participation in sin, yet at the same time there's joy in what His sacrifice accomplished--our redemption in exchange for His bearing the wrath of God for us. So it is a Happy Good Friday, and I appreciate Dave saying so even though he and I probably don't have precisely the same view of that event.

Travis Pelkie said...

Dave knows what humblebragging is?

Bill Cosby attributed the pregnancy/lower lip quote to Carol Burnett on his "Himself" album, in his fun bit about his wife's pregnancy. It took me years to fully understand the line about how his wife told the entire delivery room that his parents were never married.

Otherwise, take care, Dave. I'm thinking that Dave figures the portfolios won't be quite ready to sign until he's done some more physiotherapy, so that if it works as it should, he'll be a-ok to go. I hope that's what he's thinking, anyway. Better to delay this one kickstarter than to risk permanent damage.

And Camp David isn't climate controlled?! But...but the comics won't be mint, then! (end nerd hyperventilation!) ;)

Tony Dunlop said...

At any rate, a very happy Easter to my Western brothers and sisters in Christ. He is Risen!