Friday, 17 April 2015

Weekly Update #78: All Good Things Come In Threes

Featuring updates on Dave Sim's contributions to the Cerebus Covers collection from IDW, Cerebus: Fractured Destiny movie, and The Puma Blues collection from Dover Books.



MichaelVP said...

It is so cool watching these. Just sayin.

Margaret said...

I agree. I'm enjoying the video updates.

Travis Pelkie said...

I too dig the video updates. Thanks to Sandeep for making them possible.

One thing that might lessen (by, like, a really small amount...) the commentary of the Covers book might be to include the essay about the "triptych" of 74-76. I think it was on the Beguiling's site originally? But I remember reading it whenever it got posted, but I'd sure like to have a print copy. Mostly as a way to go "why were the Police so popular with comics people in the 80s?!" ;)

Margaret said...

For people who haven't read Dave's essay on those 3 covers, here it is: The "Synchronicity" Triptych.

There are also a couple others he did that are on the Beguiling's website:
High Society, page 96. Aka "Elf"
Cerebus #84, page 2
Cerebus Prints
Diamondback Cards

Travis Pelkie said...

Ooh, cool, thanks Margaret!