Friday, 1 July 2016

Weekly Update #141: You Can "Going Home" Again!

Guess what? We raised a bunch of money online by giving away stuff for free! That's how it works in the 21st century with the new economy. Also, The Off White House is no longer in danger of collapsing into the sea and Going Home begins the long, slow, cold journey into the Digital Restoration process, where it will be born anew, like the Phoenix, and arise bigger, brighter and stronger than ever before.


Jeff Seiler said...

Great news, Dave! Wish *I* knew how to give something away for free and make over $4,000! You might have a third (fourth?) career hawking how-to videos or as a (more up your line) televangelist.

Keep this up and you might not even need that weird Mr. J's endowment...

Glen said...

Happy Canada Day, Dave!!

By the way did you or Gerhard ever mention where the photo for the cover of "Going Home" was originally taken in the pages of Cerebus?