Friday, 15 July 2016

Weekly Update #143: Order 'Reads' & 'Cerebus In Hell' Now!

Hey, they can't all be epics! A quick update from Dave on the remastered Reads (Diamond Order Code STAR01063) and Cerebus In Hell? #0 (Diamond Order Code JUL161105). Order today!


al roney said...

I guess the "Dave's voice only coming out of the right channel" thing isn't going to be resolved any time soon?

Sorry, as a guy who does some video/audio production for a living, it bugs me...

...not enough to stop listening though.

Paul Slade said...

I've just tried to order the remastered Reads from Gosh! Comics here in London. I quoted the Diamond order number Dave mentioned, but received this reply from the shop: "Reads is currently completely unavailable in the UK. Presumably this is because we're waiting on the remastered edition, but that isn't available for us to order yet."

Earlier this year, Gosh! was able to get me the latest remastered volumes of both High Society & Church & State I, so perhaps the Reads problem will also resolve itself in due course.

In the meantime, is there a US or Canadian comics shop which could take on the task of filling overseas orders through the post? If a store like that could be found, it'd be worth giving their service some publicity here on AMOC so that readers outside the US and Canada have an opportunity to keep up with the remastered volumes. Getting something like this in place would presumably deliver some welcome extra cash to Dave's coffers too.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

If you ask me, Diamond UK need a complete bollocking over Cerebus distribution.