Monday, 29 December 2014

T. Casey Brennan's Hypothetical Cerebus

Photo by Steve Pepple

(by Sara Waisanen, Ann Arbor Journal, 20 January 2010)
Somewhere in Ann Arbor is a comic book writer who could have changed the course of history. He is a man who earned fame and notoriety for the comics he wrote in the 1970s and now he's homeless and "couch surfing."

At the age of 61, he hangs out in Ann Arbor meeting "chicks" and talking about how he "helped kill John F. Kennedy."

T. Casey Brennan is the author of Warren Publishing's "Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella," DC Comics' "House of Mystery" and Archie Comics' "Red Circle Sorcery," among others.

The "T" in T. Casey stands for Terrance and he's gone by T. Casey ever since he has been a published comic.

Brennan's most head-turning comics are the ones in which he tells of his involvement in the JFK assassination, as a victim of MK-ULTRA, an alleged CIA operation that involved brainwashing and experimenting with drugs. In 1996, Brennan first wrote about what he says happened in the JFK assassination in his comic Conjurella. "It seemed to breathe new life into my comic career," Brennan said.

In 2006, Brennan wrote more about the JFK assassination in his comic Hypothetical Cerebus in Actor Comics Presents. He writes in detail about how he was forced to take a shot at JFK and what his life has been like since that historic event... "I wanted to tell the truth about the Kennedy assassination," he said.

Prior to JFK's assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, Brennan said he would go with his father who would get hypnosis from a Dr. Earnshaw. While they were there, the doctor would drug them with or without their consent, he said.

"I was a docile kid," Brennan said. "I did what they told me to do."

Brennan claims that Dr. Earnshaw and David Ferrie, who some conspiracy theorists believe was involved in the JFK assassination, came at him with a needle and injected something into his neck. He was then stuffed in a crate and flown to Dallas. Brennan said he woke up in a storage room. A hood was put over his head and he was forced to fire a shot at the president who was driving by on the street below. Brennan said he didn't know if the shot connected, but he thinks it ricocheted off the pavement and hit a pedestrian. He was then pushed out of the way and Ferrie continued to shoot. Brennan said they left the storage room and ran into Lee Harvey Oswald on the second floor, pushing a broom. Brennan was 15 years old at the time of the assassination, he said.

Brennan's name is mentioned in the book Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi, which he carries around with him on he streets of Ann Arbor. Brennan said he would take a polygraph test and testify about his experience, but no one seems to care.

"Nobody wants to know or hear about it," he said.

Hypothetical Cerebus
Written by T. Casey Brennan, art by Dave Sim
Actor Comics Presents #1 (HERO Initiative ,2006)


Malcolm X said...

Very sad.

M Kitchen said...

Never seen this one before.

Adam Ell said...

"Well boys, we've got our pick of Marines, Special Forces, big game hunters and Mafioso. Which should we go with?"

"Howabout this 15 yr old boy we've done a terrible job of hypnotizing?"


Tony Dunlop said...

Sure it's implausible, but it makes a GREAT comic book story! Thanks for posting this!

Still Tony said...

And the photo of Mr. Brennan looks like an Athonite monk, no?

Jeff Seiler said...

IIRC, Dave and T. Casey were supposed to do a panel together at S.P.AC.E in '06 or '07, ostensibly about "A Boy and His Aardvark".

Dave was going to pay for T. Casey's travel and hotel expenses. They arranged a pick-up time, but T. Casey never showed.

IIRC, Dave wrote to me about this, or told me, or maybe it was Jeff Tundis who told me about it.

I wonder now whether the panel discussion was supposed to be about this collaboration.

It seems to me, having read and heard so many comments from Dave over the years about T. Casey, whether Dave feels some special responsibility for or towards T. Casey.