Sunday, 21 December 2014

Cerebus Archive Number Two: Bonus Print Popularity

(from CANT Kickstarter Update #18, 20 December 2014)
...It goes without saying that the addition of the Bonus Prints was a huge success for this project. There are a total of 1,320 FIRST RELEASE Bonus Prints and they raised approximately $7,000 of the $9,000 total funding increase between CANO ($33k) and CANT ($42k)! Thank you again, for your strong support of that component. If you are wondering how rare or how popular the FIRST RELEASE BP's that you chose are, well, here is the answer in tabulated and bar graph form (don't worry, there will NOT be a test on this, just in case you're already starting into a cold sweat!). If your selections included 1, 2 and 10, then you chose along the lines of many others. But if you were going for the rare ones, then 11, 12 and 16 were the ones that will have the least quantity...


Anonymous said...

So for Cerebus Archives III will the participants
(buyers/donations) of the first and second
archives get a chance to purchase any of these prints
that we did not get this time? Another opportunity to bring
in additional funds and complete
our final goal of restoration...
I know I want another crack at 'em!

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...


The short answer to your question is yes.

For those of you who like delving into details (as you know by now, brevity is not my strong suit when it comes to posting updates...) here is what I know so far (from discussions and communications with Dave).

1) Every backer who pledges for the base 10 print portfolio in each future Cerebus Archive Number 'x' (next up is CAN 3) is eligible to purchase up to a maximum of 10 bonus prints. The maximum number is dependant on funding level thresholds, just like we had for CANT (Cerebus Archive Number Two).

2) A new batch of Bonus Prints will be introduced for each Archive campaign (CAN 4, 5, 6, etc.). These will be designated FIRST RELEASE Bonus Prints, just like these 21 that were released during CANT.

3) On the next campaign, those FIRST RELEASE Bonus Prints become ordinary Bonus Prints and will be available for at least one and possibly more campaigns so that everyone has a chance to receive that print. So, what's the difference between FIRST RELEASE and 'ordinary' Bonus Prints?

4) FIRST RELEASE Bonus Prints will be signed, numbered sequentially out of the total number, and have an authentication marking which consists of one of the following options: (Embossed gold seal on front; embossed on front without gold seal; or embossed gold seal adhered to back of print).

5) 'Ordinary'(note - that's just my name for them - Dave will likely come up with something more fitting) Bonus Prints will be signed by Dave; NO number, NO authentication mark.

6) Dave's thought behind the FIRST RELEASE designation is to create added value to a collector, by differentiating it from an 'ordinary' Bonus Print.

7) Don't take this to the bank as it's not been 100% determined, but Dave has suggested that he is considering dropping the restriction of 10 FIRST RELEASE Bonus Prints for any campaign in which the funding exceeds the previous campaign. For example, let's say 20 new Bonus Prints are released during CAN 3 (which means 20 new FIRST RELEASE, with the 21 from CANT becoming 'ordinary' Bonus Prints), IF CAN 3's funding exceeds $42,028, then the cap of 10 Bonus Prints will be removed and ALL Bonus Prints will be available to pledge for in CAN 3). There are some backers who have told me they are interested in a complete collection and this would be how to do that.

8) After a number of campaigns (undetermined at this point, but probably in the range of 3), the oldest set of 'ordinary' Bonus Prints will be permanently removed from the available list, thus putting a limit to the number in circulation.

If you're still with me and reading this, and your eyes haven't glazed over yet, then I thank you! Just remember that some of the fine details will be finalised as we move forward. This is all new territory and we adjust as the 'view comes into focus'.


John Funk

Anonymous said...

This seems complicated. I would like to get my hands on Spider Ham. What's a fella got to do to accomplish that goal?