Thursday, 25 December 2014

2014: The AMOC Year In Review

Thank you for visiting 'A Moment Of Cerebus' during the past year. Your support and encouragement are what keeps AMOC alive. Also, a huge thank you to the AMOC blogging team -- Dave Sim, Sean Michael Robinson and Margaret Liss -- who have helped keep the AMOC show on the road. 2014 proved to be a very significant year in which Dave Sim raised over $75k with two very successful Cerebus Archive Kickstarter campaigns, Sean and Mara began the Cerebus Restoration project, and the first Cerebus trade paperback finally got back into print after years of struggle. Below are links to these and other significant 'moments' that ran on AMOC during the last 12 months... 

New Gerhard prints offered for sale, including a "High Society" cover recreation
Cerebus Archive Number Two: Bonus Print Popularity
Cerebus Archive Number Three: New aardvark art revealed as bonus print

Dave Sim's "Judenhass" available for free download
Cerebus Restoration Project 'shakes off' total loss of 100s of original art scans
Dave Sim contemplates rewriting the "Cerebus: Fractured Destiny" movie
"High Society" rolls off the presses at Bang Printing in Valencia, CA

Kickstarted: "Cerebus Archive Number Two" raises $42k
Dave Sim's tribute to CANAR founder John Balge (1954-2014)
Under Construction: Repairs to the Off-White House foundations begin

A True Life Dave Sim Adventure: Visiting Lenny Henry & Dawn French
"The Puma Blues" reprint announced, with new introduction by Dave Sim

Glamourpuss Tracing Paper Art Auctions begin
World shortage of 'Winsor & Newton Series 7 No.2' art brushes averted
Gerhard's production artwork for "The Knick" revealed

Cerebus Art Dragnet launches
The Lebonfon presses roll on the "Cerebus Vol 1" reprinting
Dave Sim's original thumb-nail sketches for "Passage"

Margaret 'CerebusFanGirl' Liss begins her guided tour of Dave Sim's notebooks
Sean Michael Robinson & Mara Sedlins launch the Cerebus Restoration Project
$10k donation by retailer Tim F to the Cerebus Restoration Project
Interview: Dave Sim's Kickstarter Q&A

Kickstarted: "Cerebus Archive Number One" raises $33k
Cerebus Bookplates Announced: "The Hell it's yours!! Put it back!"
Doctor Who art auction raises $4,500
Interview: Dave Sim's 'Lost' CBG Interview from 1998

IDW's X-Files 2014 Annual: Dave Sim writes 'Talk To The Hand' short story
Off-White House Summit: Dave Sim meets Alain Roberge (Lebonfon)
Gerhard draws "Little Nemo In Slumberland"

Cerebus Publishing Timeline #1-300
Dave Sim & IDW's Ted Adams announce 'Ultimate Cerebus' project
Patreon site launches to support production of "Strange Death Of Alex Raymond"

Dave Sim's Essay: "Comic Art Metaphysics II: The Double Helix Prism"
Slabbing Cerebus: The CGC Fumetti

'Bootlegging The Bootleggers' program announced
Dave Sim's fax machine broke
Dave Sim's Essay: Avoyd Fornication
Dave Sim on meeting Steve Ditko

...and 2015 is looking like being another busy year, which should see the release of Cerebus: The Covers, High Society: Digital Audio/Visual Experience, Kickstarter: Cerebus Archive Number Three and the High Society trade paperback. Stay tuned!


Margaret said...

Tim - Thanks for letting me be a part of this, and thanks for all of your hard work in keeping Cerebus / Dave Sim / Gerhard going on a DAILY basis! I love getting the daily updates from the site and the lively discussion in the comments from fellow Cerebus fans.

iestyn said...

big thank you for running this site, it's literally in my top 3 sites to visit.

Always interesting to see what's going on.

the effort you put in is greatly appreciated.


Travis Pelkie said...

Yeah, thanks for keeping us updated on everything and making this a fun place to visit! Keep up the good work, Tim, and have a Happy New Year.