Saturday, 13 December 2014

Glamourpuss Art Auction: Margaret Mitchell

Margaret ("Gone With the Wind") Mitchell
Glamourpuss #8, pages 1-3, 10, 22 (July 2009)
Dave Sim's pencil on tracing paper & work-sheets

Sim's hand-lettered text & paste-up pages with oodles of Sim's print-out reference material & source photos. Margaret Mitchell was, of course, a very intriguing sub-plot throughout Glamourpuss and I'd wager with a high degree of certainty she's going to be an equally vital component to The Strange Death of Alex Raymond. Get her before she becomes incredibly hot.

Page 1 tracing paper:
Photorealism portrait of Margaret Mitchell with Rudolph Valentino; also the cover pages to Ward Greene's "Weep No More" and the imagined cover to "Cora Potts." Pencil on tracing paper. Full tracing page measures 14 x 17-inches. The three illustrations from the actual comic are on this sheet, albeit in slightly different scale, and the "Weep No More" cover is rotated perpendicular. It also has a pair of other sketches, including a cover of "Gone With the Wind" that appears elsewhere in the series. Sheet has a corner crease that does not touch the pencilings;

Page 2 tracing paper:
Full-page head-shot portrait of Margaret Mitchell with her book "Gone With the Wind." Pencil on tracing paper work-sheet measures 14 x 17-inches, no folds but there is a big bite-sized tear out of the page and foldings at edge; none of these touch penciling, but tear comes close (see pic);

Page 3 tracing paper:
Playful portrait of Margaret Mitchell with her first husband Red Upshaw; plus action pose ofMargaret Mitchell with her dance partner A. Sigmund Weil. Pencil on tracing paper, bordered illustration measures 10x15-inches on 14 x 17-inch tracing paper. Page is folded in half. There is a bite-sized tear at top of page the almost touches border pencil.

Page 10 (partial) tracing paper:
Pencil hand-lettering "Gone With the Wind" interpolated with "The Heart of Juliet Jones". Full-page measures 14 x 17-inches crease down the middle top-to-bottom;

Page 22 tracing paper:
Pencil portrait of Margaret Mitchell with her father reading "Gone With the Wind." Page is complete with inner panel top corner, bordered illustration measures 10x15-inches on 14 x 17-inch paper. Bite-sized tear just touches lower border; fold in half.


David Patty said...

Previews says IDW will be publishing the covers (in a single volume now, it appears) in January of 2015. Is that confirmed? Have heard naught about it lately here...

David Philpott said...

I ordered it on Amazon about a month ago. Hopefully it will come out in Jan.

Oliver said...

Good timing as "Gone with the Wind" premiered 75 years ago this month