Saturday, 27 December 2014

S.M. Watson's Cerebus

Advert from Cerebus #27, June 1981
That's over 30 years ago, so don't even think about responding!
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Two versions of the doll were made, Sarah "Sally" Hitchens did the first one - see issue #7, the tall one, and then Sheila Watson did them, and they were the smaller ones. Sheila also made the tall ones for a while -- the price was dropped (see issue #11) at which time the dolls shrunk by a foot. The one currently on ebay appears to be the taller one, though not worth $395 imho. I took some pictures of the dolls I've gotten over the years:


Lee Thacker said...

There's on for sale on ebay right now:

Travis Pelkie said...

Oh, man, those are neat looking. Can we get a mass produced version if the movie ever comes to fruition?

Not for me, you understand.

OK, for me.

How cool would a stuffed Cerebus holding a stuffed Missy be? Gin for everyone!

Jeff Seiler said...

For that matter, how coll would a stuffed Margaret, holding a stuffed Cerebus, holding a stuffed Missy be?



Jeff Seiler said...




JenCat004 said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know I am selling my Cerebus 16" toy on ebay, because I have to move and need the $$. :( Link is

Hope he goes to someone who loves him!

Jenny Raisler