Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cerebus Archive Number Three: Bonus Prints Now Available!

Bonus Print #22: Showdown 186

Bonus Print #23: Ultimate Cerebus

The above 'First Release' prints are now available as Kickstarter pledge rewards for Cerebus Archive Number Three at just CAN$9 per print. 'Second Release' bonus prints #1-21 from Cerebus Archive Number Two are also still available.

Pledge: $9 per bonus plate

Bonus Print (BP) Availability Schedule - Funding has passed the $12,000 mark, therefore you may add 7 Bonus Prints. Once $20,000 in funding has been reached, you may pledge for 12 Bonus Prints from the First Release and/or Second Release BP lists.


Jeff Seiler said...

Would it be possible to order multiple copies of any bonus print, without buying multiple archive packages? Cause that throne room scene is unbelievable!

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...


Yes, and a few of the CANT backers did just that. You may 'mix & match' on Bonus Prints to your hearts content as long as you stay within the maximum allowed based on the funding level.