Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cerebus Action Figure Update

Cerebus Action Figure In Development


A few specs on the action figure:
  • Over 50 points of articulation
  • Half scale (2:1)
  • shield
  • long sword
  • short sword
  • spear
  • helmet
  • bag of gold and silver coins
  • 2 coin necklace
  • cloth jacket
  • Church & State Pope cloth outfit
  • doll
  • crying baby

Specs on the development:
  • Daniel Grant built the initial model off of Dave Sim's drawings
  • George Peter Gatsis enhanced the model, articulated, 3D printing & testing
  • Makerbot 3D printer is used
  • The plastic used in the 3D printing is PLA
  • Started development Nov-2013

Check out the previous videos of the development at


Jeff Seiler said...

Very cool, George! Does this mean we'll be able to order one soon? Weeks, or months?

Have you made a Missy doll or buggid yet?

Are you going to package accessories with an original action figure, or sell accessories separately, or (please don't) make us buy multiple action figgers to get multiple, different accessories?

Regardless, you already have this customer sold.

Galvy said...

This thing is absolutely incredible, practically S.H. Figuarts quality work, sir. But I have two issues:

1.While the size guarantees that I'll be able to put single serving liquor bottles in his hand and they'll look about right in scale (which is fantastic), this is a freaking huge figure. Meaning it won't fit in scale with my indie comic characters shelf, and will probably be reeeeeaaaally expensive. I could drop fifty bucks on a Cerebus figure without too much consternation, but if I had to guess, this figure'd end up being at least $120 (which would be rough on me).

2. The mouth going all the way under the face really bugs me.

Ethan Burns said...

I like it, but why is the sword so long? Cerebus' sword was a short sword right?

Anonymous said...

1) For those of us with 3D printers, will you release the print files? (at some hopefully-modest cost?)

2) I wish the ears were articulated. Even with the rest of the face fixed, you could get a lot of changed expression by rotating the ears on a ball/socket joint.

M Brewer said...

While I agree the figure looks... really good, I have to say the slow pans of a naked Cerebus combined with the freaky music make me feel like I'm watching some particularly perverse kind of porn.

I'd still buy one. I just hope if I ever got it, the music wouldn't pop into my head while I was holding it.