Saturday 7 February 2015


by Dave Sim
(Glamourpuss #21, September 2011)


Anonymous said...

I think Neil was right - much more interesting to have a narrative.

I like how the format of this story is an homage to EC horror stories. This kind of thing is Dave's strength. I also liked the stories about Dave's early relationship with Deni that I gather also ran in Glamourpuss (or was it in Following Cerebus?).

If Dave had just done a series with short stories, I would have bought it. I just couldn't get into the non-narrative format of most of Glamourpuss.

- Reginald P.

Ethan Burns said...

I agree, I would've been more excited to buy Glamourpuss if it was primarily stories like this. Speaking of Glamourpuss short stories, can someone explain to me what that Cerebus in Madman times story was about? Was it a reference to something I'd have to watch Madman to get?

Anonymous said...

I too like a story. Dave is very hung up on Neil Gaiman.

vollsticks said...

I enjoyed Glamourpuss, the historical comics stuff, DELVING into technique, process and printing from "the old days" was tremendously interesting to me! And I shall never forget the phrase: "nightingale crosshatching"!
Mr.Sim is a true artist and his muse takes him wherever he wants to go (much like fellow Canadian legend Julie Doucet, I wish she still did comics but, again, it's her muse, her art). Glamourpuss was a brave change in direction and I wish more Cerebus readers would support it (I mean, by actually BUYING it!).
Also I respect what Mr. Gaiman has achieved within the medium but maybe Mr. Sim puts too much stock in his opinion, I dunno. Sandman was very, very good but not quite the masterpiece most people take it to be, imho.