Sunday, 15 February 2015

My CANT Kickstarter Rewards

So what did you get in your Cerebus Archive Number Two Kickstarter Rewards package?
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Jeff Seiler said...

I got all 21 Bonus Prints! And the stickers.

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...

Here's an impromptu poll to our backers.

Around the time that CANO launched, Dave sketched the outline for the image on the bookplates. Then he 'threw down the gauntlet' towards Sean Robinson and George Peter Gatsis with the challenge of using Photoshop to create the '30% dot tone' electronically. We had two different versions, both looked great, but slightly different. Ok, that's the long-winded backstory.

CANO's bookplates are the 'Sean' version.
CANT's bookplates are the 'George' version.
CAN3 will again offer bookplates. Should we offer one or the other type, or both? What's the level of interest out there?

(Note: I told Dave that I'm up for either the one or both option, but one limitation {to help both Dave and I to get things right} is that there would not be a 'mix & match' option for a backer. In other words, as a backer you could choose one or the other, but not 4 of Sean and 8 of George for example. That's asking for a fulfillment error.

Your comments, please!

P.S. - Dave mentioned last week that he 'runs out of gas' after the first 8 (eight) personalised bookplates, so CAN3 will have a 4 and 8 personalised option, not the 8 or 16 option that we had for CANT. We'll again offer the 8 and 16 signed and the 16 unsigned rewards.



Glen said...

I believe it was Margaret who suggested storing the Cerebus Archive prints in an
"Itoya Art Portfolio". Would it be possible to offer these portfolios (at an additional cost) as one of the rewards for the next Cerebus Archive Kickstarter campaign?
A bulk purchase of these portfolios could reduce the costs for you.
What do you think?

Damin J. Toell, Esq. said...

It was possible to get all 21 bonus prints?

Travis Pelkie said...

Jeff is..."special", that's why he gets all of 'em.

As to the bookplates, I hope you will continue to offer both for a while (especially if you don't want to mix and match, which is probably a good idea), but I do know that if the choice of what I can afford is some more bonus prints or bookplates, I'm probably going for bonus prints. (I haven't seen the bonus prints yet, still waiting on my package. Thank you, post offices of Canada and USA! ;) ) Eventually I'd like some of both book plates, but unless you tell us you're retiring them with a certain Kickstarter, I'll probably keep putting it off in favor of bonus prints. Because I'm like that.

Jeff Seiler said...

Yeah..."special"...that's me.

My nickname is Short Bus.

I bought 2 portfolios and I qualified for 2 extra BPs for being a last minute donor, so...I dunno.

Jeff Seiler said...

But, it turns out I'm not *that* special.

Went back and counted again.

17 BPs.

Missing 3, 6, 8, and 14.

Sorry if I upset anyone unduly.

Eddie said...

I got George's bookplates this time, but missed getting Sean's last time, so I'd be interested in getting the Sean version next time.

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...

Itoya Art Portfolio Response.

Glen, it was Michael Ragiel who researched and presented this product. See AMOC article: (Margaret seconded the idea).

I have to admit, it sounded like an interesting idea at first. But something didn't 'feel right' about making this a reward, so I let it 'percolate' through the 'ole grey matter. I don't see this as a viable reward or even an add-on to the Kickstarter campaigns for the following reasons:

- Kickstarter's rules prohibit selling items not manufactured by the creator. It's really not a core component of the portfolio package like the stay-flat envelope is, so I think we would be treading on thin ice there

- Itoya already has a US and Canadian distribution channel; I don't want to get into competing with them and it would require permission from Itoya to do that -

- Shipping: this is one of the most expensive components of the cost to land a portfolio at your doorstep. At $20 to the UK/EU/AUS/NZ it's over 25% added cost to a basic portfolio. We're at the MAX size and close to the MAX weight that we can send packages to those regions (next cost level is close to $50) (US and CAN have much more wiggle room since they travel by truck) so to include such a portfolio would now require either new packaging and much higher shipping costs (thus blowing any potential savings) or shipping seperate (same cost problem).

So for those reasons, while the concept is a good one, it just isn't feasible to do via the CANx Kickstarter funding.


John Funk

Tony Dunlop said...

I just went to my local art supply store and bought a 14'' by 17'' portfolio. I paid around $33 (US) plus tax, and it holds all of CANO and CANT, with room for a few CANIII plates when it comes. It works great. It is also very bulky and would be expensive and a pain in the *** to ship.

Gabe McCann said...

How about a Cerebus book mark to keep your place when you're wading through all 6,000 pages and have to stop reading occasionally.

Graphic Edge Print Solutions said...

Hi Gabe!

Whoah! Are you some kind of 'down under' mind reader or psychic?????? I'm not sure how much to spill on this one, but there j-u-s-t might be something interesting in your CAN3 package when it ships.....and it j-u-s-t might resemble a bookmark.

Dave, Sean and I have been kicking some ideas around. Just sayin'.....