Monday, 2 February 2015

Tracing Paper Auction: Alex Raymond's Gullwing Mercedes

Glamourpuss #14 (July 2010)
Art by Dave Sim 
Five tracing paper drawings of Alex Raymond's Gullwing Mercedes SL300:
  • Page 1 tracing paper. close-up detail of Gullwing door opening. Page measures 11x14-inches, illustration composes most of that page. Small tear patched with masking tape at upper edge - does not touch illustration;
  • Page 2 tracing paper. whole Gullwing with Raymond stepping inside w/ door opened. Page measures 11x14-inches, nice clean page, no tears or folds;
  • Page 4 tracing paper. Two images of Mercedes Gullwing, the first and larger is front-on and beneath is a smaller side view. Also hand-lettered pencil text/type. Page measures 11x14-inches, light fold at lower-left corner, does not touch illustration. (Same smaller illustration used on Glamourpuss page 5);
  • Page 6 TWO tracing papers. a) 3/4 side profile of Gullwing with doors up -- illustration mesures 4x7 inches on 11x14-inch tracing paper; page is clean, no folds or rips; b) "finger of death" illustration, measures 7.5x6.5 inches on 11x14-inch tracing paper, no folds or rips.
  • 5 reference page photo print-outs of Mercedes Gullwing SL300, each page measures standard 8.5x11-inches 11x17 orig. scale photocopy of Page 2 (Alex Raymond stepping into Gullwing) - folded in half.

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