Saturday, 28 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) RIP

Spock & Cerebus... and Wolverine too! (1981)
Art by Dave Sim

(from a letter to Cerebus The Newsletter #5, 1982)
...please find enclosed two drawings Mr. Sim did for me at Creation Con in Rochester. Fans will remember Rochester as being "Cold as a bitch and dead as a doornail". Well, whatever. I got the first drawing on the Saturday of the Con. Mr. Sim seemed very nice, intelligent and humorous. However, on day 2 (Sunday), something happened. He was clearly cranky, tired and washed-out. (Fans who have read Swords Of Cerebus #2 know what he did Saturday night.) As well as this second drawing I bought an original page from #21, and Mr Sim told me I could have the drawing as well as the page for a mere $25 if only I would please get him some coffee and aspirin. Of course I agreed and hurriedly ran to get him the articles he asked for. I only found out recently exactly what happened (hee-hee).

Anyway, so here they are. Share them with the fans if you please. Sim was very happy with the results of "Spock and Cerebus" (oh, yes, and Wolverine, too)

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