Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Church + State I Restoration Bulletin-- Guts Arrive

Sean Michael Robinson:

Special delivery to Living the Line headquarters in San Diego, CA. The familiar yellow and burgundy DHL Express box, bearing with it gifts from Singapore or Malaysia.

And what is it this time? Oh, just one little item-- the guts to the first copy of Church + State I, not literally hot off the press after its two-day journey, but figuratively, at least.

And it is hot. The finest, crispest line art printing I've ever seen, with fantastic rich blacks and, minimal dot gain.

In short, bound or unbound, it's a beautiful book. I spent a few hours after it arrived "counting the toes and fingers," as it were. And after the deep dive, I'm still thrilled.

Not that a snapshot of the printed page really captures anything.... 

Meanwhile, at Tien Wah Press, they're continuing to finish up the book, moving on to the folding and binding processes until at last the books will be finished, packed and shipped off to Diamond warehouses in North America. I'll keep you all updated on their progress as they make their way to your local comic shop. And if you haven't ordered it yet, now is the time-- don't miss out. This is the slickest Cerebus volume yet.

One last thing I'd love some help with. We have some promotional copies being shipped ahead of the rest via courier, as soon as the binding stage is complete. Do you have an idea of a reviewer or comics website that might benefit from a review copy shipped to their doorstep? Let me know in the comments, or by emailing cerebusarthunt at gmail. We're looking to get the word out on this project, and on the continuing effort to restore and present this great work of graphic literature in the best editions possible.

Thanks! And keep your eye on AMOC for up to date C + S I news...


iestyn said...

Tom Spurgeon at Comics Reporter
Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool
TCJ - online, Maybe Jog, Dan Nadle has expressed interest in Dave's work
Also - the Comics Journal paper edition
Zainab Akhtar at Comics and Cola
Heidi Macdonald at The Beat has spoken highly of Cerebus as well
The Trouble With Comics Group - there's about 13 in total.
Maybe also speak to Brian Hibbs - he runs a graphic novel club

Dave Kopperman said...

Outside of the comics press, the Onion AV Club has always shown interest in Dave's work. I think they gave your High Society revamp some ink a few months back.

Eddie said...

Publishers Weekly? Rolling Stone? New York Times? Maybe someone in the European comic press? Somebody who would understand the historical context of the material, not just in a creative sense, but in a publishing sense?

Or maybe just take out a full page ad somewhere saying, "Dear Comics Industry: You're welcome for my pioneering of the trade format which has made you so much money over the years. Here's Church and State Vol. 1 remastered."

Sean R said...

Thanks for your suggestions everyone! Please keep them coming.

iestyn said...

So - I found this on the web


it lists comic and animation websites by traffic. You can pay, or get free stats - they include computers only rather than mobiles and tablets - that should give an idea of the most popular sites and how many eyes look at them.

Comic Book Resources scores highly and they're pretty good at doing reviews... Timothy Callaghan has already done a 3 part series on Cerebus,

and they're actually - what I would consider - a fair analysis of Cerebus as a work and Cerebus as an historical artefact

Anyway - hope that helps.


Sandeep Atwal said...

I like Eddie's idea the best!

Anonymous said...

I would second going with Eddie's idea.

- Reginald P.

Eddie said...

Hey what about sending a copy to Gerhard to "review?" Just to get his perspective (nyuck nyuck nycuk)