Sunday, 18 October 2015

Cerebus Archive Number Three: My Framed Bonus Prints

Somebody mentioned in a recent AMOC comment that we hadn't talked about the reaction to Cerebus Archive Number Three now that Kickstarter pledge partners are starting to receive their portfolios. So... here's how I'm displaying my CAN3 bonus prints on my study wall. I'm in the UK and the print sizes are a non-standard UK size so I had a local framing shop knock up these frames, which will allow me to switch the prints as new ones become available. I think they look great and I really enjoyed reading Dave's comments on the individual Cerebus pages. It's like a masterclass on creating comics. Plus, we can all feel good about ourselves as we're all helping to fund Sean and Mara's restoration efforts and ensuring that high-quality print editions of Cerebus will be available for comic-readers of the future!

Please do send in your own photos, thoughts and reactions to Cerebus Archive Number Three and I'll update this post as they come in... and perhaps give Dave, Funkmaster John and Sandeep some ideas in the comments section on what you'd like to see in Cerebus Archive Number Four (coming soon apparently!).

Email: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com


mike r said...

WOW! Great job. All that wall space. You must live in a mansion.

David Rankin said...

Mine have just arrived today(also in the UK!) I'm just about to open the package, just waiting for a time I won't be interrupted!! The framing looks great Tim. I wonder how many other subscribers to the Kickstarters there are in the UK!