Saturday, 17 October 2015

Cerebus: In My Life ~ Steve Davison

How did you discover Cerebus and how long did you read it for?

I bought, it think it was 55 or 56.  I got tricked by the Wolverine cover being a huge X-men devotee at the time.  I think I was 12 or so at the time, so a lot of it probably sailed over my head.  My two other comic collecting friends and I were pretty blown away and started digging into back issues and Swords Of Cerebus and superhero comics started to fade from our lives.

How has your own creativity / comics reading been influenced by Cerebus?

I think reading Cerebus has helped shaped my worldview.  The humor, the satire, the political critiques, the cultural critique and commentary.  And I think it opened up the door to more fringe kind of stuff in general, music and art etc.  Cerebus made me a more open minded and discerning individual.  I don't know if I would attempt to recommend it to non comic is pretty dense work and a lot of references that can be confusing. 

What is your favourite scene or sequence from Cerebus?

My favorite sequence is the when Astoria walks away from it all in Mothers & Daughters.  The build up to the meeting between her, Cerebus and Po is so well done.  She was probably my favorite character in the entire series and I have to say when she left, the book was never the same for me.  I am glad Dave gave her as gracious as an exit as she had...and that she gets in one last dig at Cerebus is perfect.  

Would you recommend Cerebus to other people to read, and if so, why?

I would recommend to other comic readers and certainly artists.  You can't deny how good it looks.  Someday art schools will be teaching classes on Dave's lettering.  It seems like each time I revisit it, there are so many layers of beauty.  I can just stare at a Gerhard room and it's just a treasure.

Thanks for this.  It's a great idea and it was a nice kind of nostalgia to examine how and why I became a Cerebus fan.

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