Friday, 20 November 2015

KICKSTARTER Cerebus Archive Number Four coming to an end!

Just a reminder that the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER FOUR Kickstarter is coming to an end. We've had a VERY surprising late surge in pledges -- and THANK YOU, everyone!  Check yesterday's post for the remaining Bonus Prints on offer -- hand-picked by Sean Robinson!

Don't WORRY if you have trouble navigating the actual Kickstarter site and can't figure out how the "add-on" feature or shipping works.  Whatever you're interested in, we WILL get to you.

TRY to pledge for what you want and if you don't "get it", just send John a message and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Even if he's completely SWAMPED today and tomorrow, he WILL get back to you and make sure you're included, even past the campaign expiration time.  REPEAT! DON'T WORRY!  We've got you covered!

Speaking of "not getting it", I'm going to be TRYING to post on the Kickstarter site all day tomorrow (thus endeth the "going out in public" experiment).  If I can't figure it out (and that's the "odds-on favourite" result: I try to post and get a blank screen headlined "about:blank") I'll just post here instead, alternating between the COMMENTS section and doing a NEW POST (like this one).

Starting (God and caffeine willing) at noon GMT and ending (ditto) at 5 pm PST.

Okay, back to the Off-White House and "The BONE Commentaries".



Anonymous said...


Thank you for taking the time to read my comments and respond. Knowing my personality, this is probably me taking "baby steps" towards signing the petition and putting my name to my words as a man should. It does troubles my conscience a bit that I haven't signed it. Which tells me what the right thing to do is. Enough about myself.

It never occurred to me to mention anything related to "craziness" because I don't think you are! You seem quite sane and disciplined and that discipline is an inspiration.

I think it shows in any of the photos on here, what a life without vice and a dedication to God can do. Even if one just views your life from a secular perspective, look at what happens when one stops drinking, smoking, eating fatty foods etc.

Pretty much any comments I've read about people interacting with you are all positive and complimentary. You strove for the truth and paid the consequences but did not back down. And from what I've read, you've done what you could for other comic book creators in your career.

All admirable and sane.

I understand your point about “made-up stuff.”

Probably after Christmas I plan on donating to help keep things going. I'm sure there's many other readers out there who are on the fence about signing the petition and I know what counts are the signatures and the financial support, but for whatever it's worth, I'm glad my comments were taken as intended, you (and Ger) deserve every accolade. Whenever the covers book comes out I'll definitely be purchasing that as well.

Best wishes,

A Fake Name (for now)

Tony Dunlop said...

Above 200 backers! YIPPEEE!!!

CerebusTV said...

CerebusTV has posted "Last Day" encouragements to support the final 24 hours of the kickstarter on twitter, facebook, youtube social media! Pledge late and pledge often!