Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dave Sim: Best-Laid Plans...

On 28 October Dave Sim began posting daily comments on to that day's 'A Moment Of Cerebus' post to promote the current Cerebus Archive Kickstarter Campaign. Below are highlights from last week's posts (prior week's posts here) -- for the full text, hit the link given. Note: The images used this blog-post are available as high-quality bonus prints from the CAN4 Kickstarter for just $9 each. All money raised supports the Cerebus Restoration project.

Bonus Print #37: Cerebus #1 Eccentric Cover Recreation

(2 November)
Best-laid plans. My left shoulder started hurting again yesterday which is making left-handed typing a problem. I'm still hoping to type something here every day of the CEREBUS ARCHIVE FOUR campaign... God willing my left shoulder won't hurt as badly tomorrow and I can type more than this!

Bonus Print #36: Cerebus #301

(3 November)
...thinking it over, I'm pretty sure the shoulder pain and pain in all of my joints is the result of the cortisone shot wearing off. Pretty much what I expected, which is why I kept the wrist brace on. I just don't agree with medical science about what steroids DO. I don't think they HEAL inflammation, I think they just SUPPRESS the sensation. Which means you -- generally, I mean, not me -- just FEEL as if the joint is normal and proceed to damage it by treating it AS IF it's normal. Didn't happen with my wrist because, again, I don't trust FEEL. DID happen with my shoulder because I wasn't thinking that ANY steroid injection is going to migrate to inflammation. So now I've re-torn whatever it was I tore last summer and have set back my recovery by months. It was ALMOST okay and now it's torn again...

Bonus Print #35: On The Stairs

Picking up from yesterday's thought: I have no idea who YOU are who is reading this. Supporting The Matrix model: as far as I know none of the people who said they were coming to the WAREHOUSE GIVEAWAY actually got there, supporting the idea that the people posting to this site are Matrix-like "cybernetic attendants": basically here (on assignment?) to ensure the conversation is always steered in the direction of "fixing Dave Sim", "how Dave Sim needs to fix himself" and "everything is fine, Dave is very well regarded: move along now in an orderly fashion, nothing to see here". Or, rather, those people are metaphysical sock-puppets of entities charged with those duties. Not necessarily Reality but not necessarily Not Reality since it fits the known facts which are otherwise inexplicable...

Bonus Print #34: Selling Insurance

(6 November)
...My PRIMARY legacy, I think, will be having been the first to suggest that if you read the Torah and the Gospels and the Koran with the idea in mind that it's a tripartite dialogue/argument/chess game between God and the YHWH -- God and God's first, disobedient creation -- the three texts make sense as a perfect unity. The Off-White House will be the first place where all three faiths were observed in that context... and that will be of great value to future generations I think...

Bonus Print #33: Swords Of Cerebus #4

...We will be SELLING back issues by mail order once we have the new storage space/office/mailing room set up, but that's going to take a WHILE!!!! And it's going to be expensive. There is no cheap way to move things around the planet by traditional means. The "giveaway" -- which ends Friday the 13th -- was intended for people who could get there BECAUSE there were no shipping costs. We even let people grab free trade paperbacks because there were only a half dozen people there. AND we -- me and your CEREBUS fan money -- bought them dinner Friday and Saturday night. Cheapest labour costs going! :) ...

Bonus Print #32: Alan "Jacob" Moore

(7 November)
Again, trying to stay focussed here: we are really "all about" fundraising right now. That's why I'm experimenting with posting daily in these comments sections. Something I would consider repeating with the next (God willing) Kickstarter if there's an uptick in pledges. Present model: no good purpose is served by Dave Sim's presence 1995-to-date. Obviously I don't agree, but that, too, is democracy. And good business. If Dave Sim hurts the CEREBUS "brand" keep Dave Sim as hidden from view as possible...



Anthony Kuchar said...

I wonder if Dave has ever searched out others who believe in the Torah/Bible/Koran. In this big wide world, there must be someone out there who does.

It's cool to imagine sometime in the future "Cerebite Tri-Monotheists" (maybe not) going on pilgrimages to Kitchener the same way all three converge on Jerusalem.

(Simism? Cerebism? Orthodox Cerebusism)

Anonymous said...

Dave really thinks that will be his primary legacy? And his home will become a religious shrine? For someone who claimed to try to perceive reality accurately, he sure is bad at it.

-- Damian

Jim Sheridan said...

I assumed his guide to dating would be his legacy, passed from celibate male to celibate male, each blaming females for the drop in population.