Saturday, 14 November 2015

People Say The Nicest Things

Bonus Print #39: Cerebus #1 (1977)

(from Bleeding Cool, 12 November 2015)
...As ever, my attitude has always been Dave Sim is one of the few geniuses who have chosen to work in comic books, and every single one of those people have what I would call "issues". Some people can't get past that to appreciate the work, others prefer to concentrate on the art and ignore any opinions of the artist, if they offend. I prefer to see it as part and parcel. For people to make great art, many end up being a transgressive person, breaking out beyond accepted behavioural norms or beliefs. It's the price paid, before or after the journey...

Bonus Print #38: New York Comics Art Convention '79

(Reddit, May 2015)
Dave's an old friend. I think Cerebus is one of the greatest accomplishments in comics, not only as a work of art, but as a commitment to a vision.

Bonus Print #37: Cerebus #1 Eccentric Cover Recreation

(from Kickstarter, 29 March 2015)
...Dave Sim is a man to be loved, admired and respected...

Bonus Print #36: Cerebus #301

(via Twitter, 25/26 August)
I'm supporting Dave Sim on Patreon (Because the world of comics is a big one that includes Dave and Erica Moen)... I've known Dave for 30 years. He no longer talks to me, as I won't sign his pledge. I wish him and his comics well... I don't retract anything I've said about Cerebus, or the quality of Dave's work.

Bonus Print #35: On The Stairs

JIMMY 'Amelia Rules' GOWNLEY:
(via Twitter, 31 October 2015)
A comics masterpiece and the reason I make funny books. Please help restore Cerebus! Kickstarter.

Bonus Print #34: Selling Insurance

(Michigan State University, 4 November 2015)
...Reading comics was something Sarah Newman only did as a child until her husband Richard (Rick) Mark Newman reintroduced her to them as an adult. Rick, a physician and a neuroscientist like his wife, relied on comic books during the eight years he lived with ALS. "He couldn’t do anything but read,” Sarah said. “He was totally paralyzed, but he could move his eyes."

As a childhood fan of Conan the Barbarian, Rick began reading Cerebus the Aardvark, a loose parody of Conan that evolved into a broad exploration of the artistic and literary reach of comic art. Each week, Sarah stopped at the comic store to pick up the latest issues of this and other favorite titles for Rick.

During his years of paralysis, Rick was "bored to tears" and always looking for ways to exercise his intellect. To him, comics brought entertainment and intellectual stimulus in equal measure. He had an appreciation for the artwork and collected a good deal of memorabilia from the Cerebus series before his death in 1987.

Memories of this time prompted Sarah Newman to pledge a $280,000 gift in support of the MSU Comic Art Collection. The Richard Mark Newman, M.D., Endowment for Comic Art, when fully funded, will ensure continued preservation and access to this beloved collection...

Bonus Print #33: Swords Of Cerebus #4

(via Twitter, 4 August 2015)
For the record, I still think the first half of CEREBUS are some of the greatest comics ever made, period.

Bonus Print #32: Alan "Jacob" Moore

(The Beat, 8 March 2015)
...If you're coming in late, Cerebus is a 300 issue epic that's one of the greatest comics ever made...



A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Cory Foster also says some nice things about Dave Sim / Cerebus in the first of his reread posts:

"This is my fourth re-read of the series, and I’m always struck by how much mythology Dave sets up right from the beginning. Characters met even in the first 6 issues become highly important later down the line, and it seems that not only the names of many of the more important cities in Estarcion are set in stone, but also their style of government and the dispositions of their citizens. This is doubly impressive when one stops to consider that Dave was able to flesh this mythology out for 26 years."

Sandeep Atwal said...

Great post! With all the negativity that sometimes surrounds Sim and Cerebus, it's nice to be reminded that there are more than a few people who respect the work and the man. Haters gonna hate.

Dave Sim said...

Sure would be nice if people would sign the petition. Without that, it's all just lip service, isn't it.