Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pretty Girls & Other Subjects

Dave Sim's Collected Letters Vol 3:
Pretty Girls & Other Subjects
Only $15!

Sales on the Dave Sim's Collected Letters volumes were so low (how low WERE they?) They were SO LOW that there was no way to keep going with them. A fact which wasn't discovered until most of the cover for the third volume was completed.

NOW for the first time Collected Letters Vol 3 is being made available as a pledge item -- all 157 pages of letters written by Dave Sim between August and October 2004, getting caught up on his one-year backlog of mail -- including letters to comic-book celebrities like Chester Brown, Neil Gaiman and Rick Veitch and ALL of the tongue-in-cheek form letters sent to "Neil Gaiman's CHILDREN OF THE BLOG"...

[Sim had offered to send an autographed copy of a Cerebus issue with the parody of Sandman to any Neil Gaiman fan writing him an ACTUAL letter and mailing it to him -- each day's batch of free comic books was sent with a different autographed form letter].

...Collected Letters Vol 3 includes a macro-print of the uncompleted 15x20 inch wraparound Pretty Girls & Other Subjects cover with all the incredible detail you've come to expect from Cerebus Archive on Kickstarter.


Dave Sim said...

Best-laid plans. My left shoulder started hurting again yesterday which is making left-handed typing a problem. I'm still hoping to type something here every day of the CEREBUS ARCHIVE FOUR campaign for you, Dave and Tony. And Eddie! I would have included you at the time, but your post went up while I was typing mine.

Still working on the IDW COVERS book. Hope to have it done this week.

God willing my left shoulder won't hurt as badly tomorrow and I can type more than this!

Steve Harold said...

How is the drawing hand after a week?
Any progress after the shot?

Steve H.

Dave Kopperman said...

Dave: reposting my comment here from yesterday.

This might be something that's been discussed and dismissed at some point, but why not simply set up some dictation software and spare the hand all that typing? It's not a perfect solution, but I'm continually blown away by how accurate it's become (I pretty much do all of my iPhone business via dictation, including emails, messaging, and web browsing).

Sandeep Atwal said...

Hey Dave K., we did start looking into some dictation software, I think we'll probably pick something up...any recommendations?

Christian said...

Hi Sandeep and Dave,
I've tried some of the 'Dragon' line of Dictation software before and I think those are really good!

Personally, I'm rather partial to 'Dragon Dictate', but there are quite a few packages that you can look into (including cheaper and more expensive options).
Hopefully you can find something that works well for you.


Michael said...

I don't use it so your milage may vary but if your using a Mac of relatively recent vintage the dictation software is built in. Dragon is the standard bearer, but the built in may be good enough

Eddie said...

oh, don't worry about it! In case the hand and shoulder aren't better tomorrow, and seeing as how the 5th of November is coming up, I thought multiple choice might help, and was wondering if there was ever a "Cerebus as V" sketch done. It might make a good Kickstarter promotional tool on twitter or something for that day, especially as it's probably going to be "trending" (that's when something is currently popular on twitter). You know, something, like "Remember, Remember the Cerebus Archive in November, the restoration of all those tiny black dots. I know of no reason why Cerebus Archive Season, should ever be forgot!"

(this is why it's probably a good idea I'm not on twitter)

a) Yes there was a Cerebus as V sketch done
b) No, there was never a Cerebus as V sketch done
c) I don't recall one way or the other
d) I'm not going to dignify this with even a multiple choice response

I sent an email / notification to several of the comic sites, including the Beat, Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool, Comic Book resources, and I think someone at Comics Alliance about the Kickstarter for CAN4. Not sure if they will get through, seeing as it's just a random nobody contacting them, (and if anyone else was planning on doing the same, please don't let this stop you, as I'm sure the more attempts the better) but I figure it was worth a try. Also, I tried to incorporate the AMOC post with the bonus print with Cerebus, Oscar, Jaka, Elrod, etc, since that's some pretty heavy duty eye candy.

Dave Kopperman said...

So this is just a quick test to see whether or not the built-in Apple dictation software works well. Thus far, it hasn't missed a single word. So, I'm going to take that as a success. Make that a glowing success.

Dave Kopperman said...

Of course, I don't know about any PC apps, but my guess is you can find a free one on the Chrome store. The point is, the technology has made absurdly long strides in recent years - you'll find something that works with no problems.

Christian said...

That works really well Dave K!

Windows also has a pretty good speech rec. program, which I, following your example, decided to try now. Seems great for the most part.

Eddie, I too have contacted a few of those comic resources about the CAN4 Kickstarter. Hopefully they'll pick it up.
(I also really like your V idea!)


Dave Kopperman said...

If the general principle is the same on PC as Mac, adding punctuation is done by simply saying "period," "comma," "open quotes," etc. Adding new paragraphs is done by saying "new paragraph." I've never tried adding emphasis (switching to all caps, or italics), but it's also easy enough to edit the text after it's entered.