Friday, 20 November 2015

Kickstarter Ends Today!

Kickstarter Ends Today!
Please support the Cerebus Restoration Project -- Pledge Now!!

Many thanks to Dave Sim for blogging here on AMOC for the past few weeks. Wait... You didn't notice? His posts were buried deep within the comments section of each day's AMOC post. In case you missed any of it, here's a handy day-by-day link summary. Just scroll-down to the 'Comments' at the foot of each post to find out what's been on Dave's mind recently:

November 2: The Best Laid Plans
November 10: Feminists Aren't Evil

...and Dave Sim will be online all day today, Saturday, at the following times:
  -  9:00am to 9pm  EST (Kitchener, Toronto and NY time)
  -  2:00pm to 2am GMT (UK time)
  -  6:00am to 6pm PST (California)
That's 12 hours of non-stop online chat with Dave Sim over at the Kickstarter Comments area... (or if that doesn't work out, Plan B will be to post here on AMOC). Good luck to Dave, Funkmaster John, Sandeep, Sean and Mara for the final day of campaigning. 

Kickstarter Ends Today!
Please support the Cerebus Restoration Project -- Every $ Counts!!


Jeff Seiler said...

Well, not *exactly* non-stop for 12 hours...

As Dave referred to yesterday, there will be 3 or 4 "half-hour" (more like 45- to 60-minute, going from my experience with him) prayer-time breaks thrown into the mix.

Nevertheless, I think everyone who joins in will be leaving completely fulfilled by their "Dave Sim Live Experience".

You kids keep it down (there's an old man sleeping), and make sure to turn off the lights on your way out, please.

Jeff Seiler said...

PS: By: "old man sleeping", I mean me. I'M looking forward to reading all of the questions and all of Dave's answers, but I probably won't participate.

It's funny, but all of the burning questions that I've had over the years just disappear whenever I actually have a chance to ask them.

So, Dave?

Whyuntchoo make up a few answers? You know! Just guess at all those questions I had/have, and invent a few answers.


Ahead of time.

Best to you and yours.

Sandeep Atwal said...

Really good to see the late surge on Kickstarter, it's conceivable the project will top $30,000 by the end of its run. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Money is kind of tight in my home right now. That said, I'd really love to get my hands on that objectivist spider ham print (which absolutely kills me every time, I'm smiling just thiking of it). Is there a way to do that without going whole hog?

Unknown said...

Hi at 1000 hours November 21st. I just got booted off of the Kickstarter site after failing to get two of my comments to actually surface so I'll be shuttling between here and there until I find someplace that, you know works! The Dave Sim of 1000 hours November 21st

Greg Kessler said...

haha, so stupid... I thought I had until midnight and missed the end. Oh well... at least I have the first 3 portfolios...