Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Campaign '93 Notes

Dave Sim's Notebook #18, which we last looked at in October 2015's "Alcohol Is Free and  There Is No Last Call", covers Cerebus #164 through 187. Those particular issues had cover dates of November 1992 to October 1994. During that time Dave started Campaign 1993. In Cerebus #167, cover date February 1993, there was no Aardvark Comment letters column. Instead, the issue had eleven pages wherein Dave went over Campaign '93.

In notebook #18 on page 57 is the start of that text. He didn't want to start it off with "It would be very easy after the '92 tour to sit back and rest on our laurels."

Notebook 18, page 57
The page is pretty much the text to first page of the Campaign '93 "Dear Retailer" letter from Dave. Except starting with the paragraph that begins with "Spawn #10". That paragraph and the one afterwards were cut. It skips past them to the next paragraph. On the next page, parts of the  text are the same, and parts are different - a first draft.

Notebook #18, page 58
For example, down the bottom - "Gary thinks you're scum. That's okay. Gary thinks I'm scum, too. But we're not. And we know we're not." That bit got cut.  The next page talks about "The Direct Link In Action":

Notebook #18, page 59
And page 60 has some after thoughts for Campaign '93:

Notebook #18, page 60

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