Friday, 12 August 2016


Hey, Jason P.!  That thing that you did at Kickstarter, where you up all the blue numbers and letters. The Link (right? It's a Link?).  Can you keep doing that?

Sandeep gave me the e-mail address and the password and I typed them in 100% accurate and what I got was a screen that said "BLANK" at the top.  And was, not surprisingly, BLANK. And couldn't be typed on. By me, anyway.

That's happened before and it always creeps me out because Neil Gaiman's DBA (Doing Business As) Corporation is called The Blank Corporation.  Because when Neil was in the meeting with his lawyer and/or accountant setting it up they got everything done and said, "Okay. What are you going to CALL your corporation?"  And Neil went blank.  So that's what he came up with. The Blank Corporation.  OMG! I've hacked Neil's personal corporation!  Luddite nightmares are MADE of this!

Many thanks to everyone, BTW.  I'm pretty sure $12K-and-change the first week is either a record or definitely keeping pace with the earlier Kickstarters!


Take it away, Wilhelmina!

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Jason Penney said...

Well that's not what I expected to see at the top of AMOC. Took me a minute to realize, "Hey that's me!" Sure, I'll do my best to send people here when looking for answers there that can be found here. And, yes, that's a link.