Thursday, 18 August 2016


A portfolio of 10 Signed & Numbered Prints from "Jaka's Story"
Raising Funds For The Restoration & Preservation Of The World's Longest Graphic Novel

Still not able to get into the Kickstarter site and in fact couldn't access the Internet at all yesterday and most of today. Sorry about that, folks!

Right now, Sandeep is spending pretty much all of his time prepping COLLECTED LETTERS 2006.  The idea being that the logistics of HOW to get it to everyone really takes second place to getting it ready, so I'm sure he'll answer the HOW do we get this questions once it's ready to go. We are determined to e-mail it to everyone who pledges for it before the end of the campaign, this time. Which is what was supposed to happen last time.

It's a very basic but HUGE amount of work: going through 400-odd (some very odd) pages and taking phone numbers and things like that out, making sure that we don't end a page just on the recipients' name, etc.  There are inexplicable things -- like numbered lists that should be 1) 2) and 3) and are actually 8) 9) 10).  I just happened to be back at Camp David talking about something else and I suggested, well, do a footnote.  Just "don't know why this is is this way but this is the way it is". Well, that adds time.  There isn't really time to read all 400-pages.

It isn't a publication (publication is STRICTLY getting the 16 volumes into print and producing CEREBUS ARCHIVE: that's a FULL PLATE, I'm afraid!): it's raw research material.  What we're really doing is building Proxy Archives by making the material available. Everyone pledging for all of the Kickstarter stuff, if we do this properly, will end up having their own CEREBUS ARCHIVE that they'll be able to donate to any institution they want when they pass on.

Someone might get interested in doing a definitive HISTORY OF CEREBUS 2006 in which case they've certainly got A-list, first generation research materials with all the letters from that year.

Hard lesson being learned as we speak: don't offer something until you find out how difficult it is to put together.

Sandeep will answer all your questions as soon as he has answers.  Soon!

Gotta say! We're both ready for Funny Friday, this week!

Thank you ALL for your amazing support. I'm pretty sure this is the fastest we've gotten to $18K!


Sandeep Atwal said...

Hey Dave, just posted this to Kickstarter with a note that another update re: stretch goals and digital rewards will be posted soon..ish...theoretically...

Dave Sim said...

Roger wilco.