Saturday, 27 August 2016

Jaka's Story #16

Cerebus #129 (December 1989)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard

A portfolio of 10 Signed & Numbered Prints from "Jaka's Story"
Raising Funds For The Restoration & Preservation Of The World's Longest Graphic Novel


Glen said...

I noticed Dave has supported 2 Kickstarter campaigns in the past. The projects are listed just below the "Back This Project" link on the Cerebus Archive Number 5 Kickstarter page.

Maybe when Dave has time (2054 is open) he could tell us why we wanted to contribute to these campaigns in particular and if there are other Kickstarters he would like us to consider, besides Cerebus Archive Number 5 of course.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

I'm pretty sure that "Dave" on Kickstarter is actually one of the guys who's helping Dave. Like Sandeep or John Funk. But hey, if it was actually Dave, I agree.

Why'd you back that Dave?

Matt Dow

Dave Sim said...

Actually, yes, it was John Funk under my instructions when he asked "What should I do about requests to back other Kickstarters?" Basically, my instruction is that it falls under the "anecdotal exception" umbrella: if one person asks about something, the answer is yes.

The local Kitchener mural one, they weren't looking for that much and were only about halfway to their goal so I asked John to track it and let me know if they were short on the last day and I'd make up the difference. They ended up meeting their goal without that.

Likewise any "special needs" people who are facing a personal problem and need to be cut some slack on a Kickstarter campaign. Well, you cut them some slack. Just e-mail Sandeep and let him know what slack you're looking for and we'll accommodate it. Strictly confidential. One guy had just lost his job and had to pull his pledge and we went ahead and printed his portfolio anyway and let him pay for it when he could. Another guy is in prison right now, so we've been printing his as well. He SHOULD be out in September of 2017.