Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hello, Stuart, Costas and Dagon at KICKSTARTER!

Stuart and Costas!  Forgot my password for getting into Kickstarter so I'm posting here instead. Hope you see this!

I appreciate yours -- and everyone's -- understanding about the late shipping on the previous KICKSTARTERS!  I really do appreciate it. The problem is really more of a "cash flow" thing.  Unless the fulfillment takes place closer to the end of the campaign, then the money tends to just evaporate as General Revenues, particularly after seven months, and then I have to scrape together 12 or 13 thousand dollars for the packaging and shipping:  with CAN4's seven-month delay, I had to borrow against the life insurance.  Sandeep is "on it" this time: getting quotes and proofs (of the prints and the commentaries) from a couple of printers even as we speak, well BEFORE the end of the campaign.  He and Fisher will be suspending the "bagging and boarding Monday" at the warehouse when we're in fulfillment mode and "getting 'er done" out back at Camp David with as much overtime as necessary.  It SAYS November shipping, but I'm really hoping -- and so is Sandeep -- that that will be closer to the end of September.  God willing.

Dagon!  Thanks for your "How can I get two portfolios?" question/comment.  That's the first thing Sandeep and I will be talking about when he comes in tomorrow.  I think we need "two portfolio""three portfolio" "four portfolio" price splits to go with the "five portfolio" one we already have for the retailers. If you already have a reserved number, you would get that one and then the additional portfolios would be from the "end of the run".

STILL UNDER DISCUSSION!  Making COLLECTED LETTERS 1990 and COLLECTED LETTERS 2006 (and possibly NOTEBOOK 2 and NOTEBOOK 3 available as digital pledge items this time out if (when?) we hit $10,000 and $15,000 and $20,000 and $25,000 respectively.  We also plan to e-mail all of the digital pledge awards WHEN YOU PLEDGE FOR THEM instead of waiting for the end of the campaign.  We've never had a problem with anyone "pulling" their Pledge after getting a digital pledge item so, hey!  Why not?  We're all just Cerebus Folk, right?  Right!

And now:  SEAN ROBINSON ON "THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL GRAPHIC NOVEL OF ALL TIME!" A sneak preview of his READS afterward, now available through your LCS.

Take it away, Sean!


Margaret said...

I for one say yes please to all the collected letters. . .But then again, you probably already knew that.

Dave Sim said...

I would definitely have hazarded a guess.

Actually, the #1 question around here is always: How does this impact Margaret given that she will buy at least one of everything we offer? Remember, she still has to be able to afford her Bruins season's tickets.

Menachem Luchins said...

We do still have all the archives at Escape Pod Comics... I mean, 1 and (I think) 2 are ones we got through Diamond, not the KS... but we have them.