Monday, 22 August 2016


I spoke on the phone with Tim L. at DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS about an hour ago and he informed me that the REMASTERED version of READS is in transit, but should be at DIAMOND UK later this week or early next week.  Anyone interested in buying a copy of READS should "try again" with their UK LCS in the next few days and the book should "show" as being available very, very shortly.

Thanks to our UK READS WANNABE BUYERS for their patience!

 He also said that he called his counterpart at DIAMOND UK about HIGH SOCIETY, RICK'S STORY and FORM & VOID being "unavailable" and was told that the only CEREBUS trade paperback not available from DIAMOND UK at the moment is GOING HOME.*  Which, of course, is in production right now.

Although my DIAMOND U.S. numbers are a couple of weeks out of date, they've got 1,123 copies of HIGH SOCIETY REMASTERED (please make sure that you're using the REMASTERED order code which is different from the previous HIGH SOCIETY order code!) 576 copies of RICK'S STORY and 254 FORM & VOID, so there should be no problem getting any of those titles through DIAMOND UK.

Hopefully, our OFFICIAL WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR of individual copies of CEREBUS trades, PAGE 45, will be able to stock up soon.  Many thanks to DIAMOND UK for "reaching out" to them (according to Tim L.)

* Tim L. also said that DIAMOND is fine with a $40 cover price on GOING HOME and that DIAMOND still has 149 copies of the CEREBUS trade (my last figure was 381, so GOOD VELOCITY there!)

So -- it's OFFICIAL! -- GOING HOME, the $40 REMASTERED EDITION will be the next CEREBUS trade paperback printed. SeanR has approved the test signature for GOING HOME -- watch for his update coming soon! -- so now we're just waiting for a spot on MARQUIS' printing schedule and we should have a tentative ship date for all of you very shortly!  


Paul Slade said...

Thanks, Dave. I was able to buy a copies of both the remastered High Society and the remastered Church & State vol 1 via London's Gosh! a few months ago, and I've now asked them to start looking out for the remastered Reads for me as well. Can't wait to see it!

Dave Sim said...

Paul - Thank YOU! We're hoping to keep this subject "front burner" for the foreseeable future. ANYone having trouble getting the CEREBUS trades 'over 'ome (or anywhere, in fact) just leave me a phone message with your phone number and the store's phone number at 519-576-0610 and I'll be happy to give the store a call and, if necessary, be the one to alert Diamond US or Diamond UK to the problem.

Thanks to GOSH! for making CEREBUS available to their customers!

If you get a minute, Paul, can you post their address in London here in the comments section?


Paul Slade said...

Gosh! can be found at:

1 Berwick Street,
London W1F 0DR

Tel: 020 7636 1011

DEFINITELY the best comics shop in London and one of the best in the whole of the UK.

Dave Sim said...

That's just round the corner from where Lenny Henry and Dawn French had their "guest flat" when I surprised Lenny on his 40th birthday. I knew Soho was missing something! A really good comic store.