Thursday, 20 April 2017

Cerebus & The Frozen Dead!

Hello, I am Johnny Harley (proud petition signer 973). A little over a year ago I had spoke on the phone to Dave Sim about using Cerebus as a narrator type guest spot in my 17 year running indie series FROZEN DEAD (more details can be found at Random Insanity Productions). He had asked me to just re-write some CEREBUS IN HELL comics so that Cerebus could stay in his personal Hell, and so Dave could be a part of this, he also asked that I get a hold of A Moment Of Cerebus, in order to give you the work for the archives.

Just as a quick bit of background info... I recently ended a time travel story line I started putting in motion back in 2105. You see, when I started FROZEN DEAD, freelance for the University Of Texas newspaper Daily Texan back in 1999,  back then there really weren't as many parody filled comics. Now that there seem to be countless shows, films, and comics doing this, I have decided to end the parody element from my series. To do this though I really wanted a way to explain how bad my story line effected ALL of fiction, and as I told Daniel Howard Fogel, on a whim I just really thought the best narration would come from Cerebus. Dan put me in touch with Sandeep Atwal, who pointed me to the AMOC blog, and how to contact Dave Sim himself. Now, I know that Dave has said ANYONE can use Cerebus, but to actually have him call me back at my home? Well, that was just awesome. 

So here are the re-written comics as the have ran so far, as this is the current story...

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Carson Grubaugh said...

I love this. Brilliant!

JohnnyHarleyquinn said...

Thank you so much.