Saturday 15 April 2017

What Happened Between Issues Twenty & Twenty-One

"What Happened Between Issues Twenty & Twenty One"
by Dave Sim & Gene Day
(First published in Swords Of Cerebus Vol 3, 1981,
Reprinted in Cerebus World Tour Book 1995)

Read Dave Sim's essay discussing this story here...


Jeff Seiler said...

Yeah, but, whatever happened, fogeddaboudid.

Jeff Seiler said...

"We don't know what it is, but it's ALIVE!" was always, and continues to be, one of my favorite Cerebus jokes.

"Sure, it's an aardvark--an earth-pig born--but why does it have to be it is?

I mean, it was RUDE to me. And, it eviscerated my friend Joe, just for asking it what it was."

Heh. That last part was me imagining dialogue.

Reminds me of the crazy Canadian lady who told me she wanted to, literally, propose marriage to it. She, along with many, many other females who misunderstood the character's exposition.

"Don't you understand that the character was designed to be one of the most sociopathic, miserable, little bastards you could ever encounter?"


"But, he's so cute..."

And, for what it's worth, alive. Sorta...kinda.

Check out Cerebus In Hell? #3, coming to your LCS some time in...May? Right around the time you can start anticipating no printing errors and an on-time release date for Cerebus In Hell? #4.

Printing Purgatory and Diamond Distribution surely are Satan's Scourges, eh, Dave?