Thursday, 20 April 2017

Dave Sim vs The Internet

(from a fax to Sean Michael Robinson, 20 April 2017)
Sincere apologies to all... I discovered, when my computer was temporarily disabled, that not having Internet access -- that is, not participating on AMOC on a daily basis -- improved my quality of life dramatically. Not having e-mail or Internet access, and never having had email or Internet access, I'm just not "built for" the Internet 'tone' of discussion. If there's something you think I need to know or something you want to tell me or if you have a question for me that you really, really, really need an answer to or some proposal you want to make, I am ALWAYS (repeat) ALWAYS able to be reached at 519-576-0610. There is roughly three minutes of recording space for each message and if you have a complicated message, you are welcome to leave as many messages as necessary to exhaust what you have to explain/want me to react to.

If you're better on paper, I am ALWAYS (repeat) ALWAYS able to be reached at Box 1674 Stn. C. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4R2.

I'm the only one who reads the mail. If you don't want your letter read on the Weekly Update or referred to, just write that at the top of your letter.

I am also ALWAYS (repeat) ALWAYS available by fax on the same basis. makes it possible for anyone to send an e-mail in the form of a fax. This is how I communicate with Sean Robinson and this is how this message is being relayed to him. Sean can explain the ins and outs of it better than I can. So, Sean, if you can do that here, please?: Fax number is 519-576-0955.

Right now, none of my STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND research involves Wikipedia fact-checking. That was what started my experiment with posting to AMOC: check what I needed to check and then post something to AMOC if I had the time. And if the 'tone' wasn't completely offensive (a rare occurrence), that evolved into "ignore the "tone" because it is just the way people "sound" on the Internet. It is always going to be there so just ignore it, type for an hour and forget about it." Just try to do good PR.

If, or rather, hopefully, WHEN my SDOAR research goes back in the direction of fact-checking, I'll try going back to Plan A, probably just scrolling through to wherever Margaret's last Notebook entry is and see if I can find something interesting to say about it.

I realize that you all have grown up with the Internet and its "tone" is second -- if not first -- nature to you at this point. I really gave it it an honest try for an extended period but, for me, at age 60, it really is a "quality of life" issue. Again, sincere apologies to all!

Dave Sim can be contacted by:
  -  Post:  Box 1674, Stn. C. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4R2
  -  Phone:  519-576-0610
  -  Fax:  519-576-0955

To send a free fax to Dave use: 
To receive faxes from Dave use a paid service, eg:


Glen said...

How does Dave read this blog?

Does Sandeep show it on his phone?

Tony Dunlop said...

I'm pretty sure he doesn't, any more, now that his laptop has gone kablooey.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

If Dave thinks abandoning the Internet improves his quality of life -- well, he's the judge of that. Nice as it was to have him here answering questions, a better use of his time is working on SDoAR or promoting Cerebus. Here he's pretty much preaching the choir.

-- Damian

CerebusTV said...

If you've got Google Voice, plus a free incoming phone number linked to it from one of the several providers, and a free VoIP SIP account linked to that, you can use a Linksys (for example) ATA with a regular phone and FAX attached. That's how we coordinated production for Cerebus TV and the thousands of FAXes involved!

Stuart Martin said...

haven't been keeping up with the weekly updates for a while - can anyone tell me if there's an ETA for CAN 7?

Jack said...

One of Dave's last posts here directed at Barry: "I think the rest of us are discussing the REALITY of disease, violence and death and you and Chester and the Supreme Court just want to make hookers a subject fit for judicial discussion -- which I don't think they are -- as a means of corrupting society to your own level." He goes around calling people corrupt and accusing them of intentionally harming society because he doesn't agree with their politics, and then he whines about how everyone else has a nasty tone.