Sunday 23 April 2017

Swords Of Cerebus Vol 4: Magiking & Cerebus #13

Swords Of Cerebus Vol 4 (1982)
Art by Dave Sim 

Published between 1981 and 1984, Dave's six Swords of Cerebus volumes were his first attempt to collect the book in a more permanent form. He gave each story included in these volumes a prose introduction, explaining where the book stood when he'd been working on that particular issue and how he was thinking of its prospects at the time. This is the first of the two composite introductions Dave included in Swords volume 4. Also check out the full 'Swords Of Cerebus' Introductions Index.

There was no guest strip in this volume, but it does have this delightful little Alex Toth sketch printed on the inside of its front cover:
"[Necros] led me to develop almost a completely different style in order to capture
 the kind of broad gestures and body movements of a real nutbar," says Dave.

Next week: The giant penis issue.


Dave Kopperman said...

Necross's response in that third panel is one of the funniest lines of dialogue ever.

Paul Slade said...

... and if you doubt the truth of it, just ask Donald Trump.

Michael Grabowski said...

Beautiful cover on that volume, though no doubt Dave remembers it as some awful mistake attempting a watercolor look again.

Jeff Seiler said...

Michael, I could be mistaken (as I often am), but I think that Dave used that awful dual tone artboard for this cover.

Michael Grabowski said...

It's got its flaws, but the colors and shading (to my eye) against the white background make up for them.