Friday, 7 April 2017

MINDS Essay Assistance, Part the Second

Sean Michael Robinson:

Hello all!

I'm still in the midst of putting together the back-matter essay for the newly restored Minds, and I was hoping to get some aid from Cerebus fans out there...

Do you have digital scans of the front and back matter (letters page, editorials, Cerebus Preview, and all) of —

Cerebus No. 198
Cerebus No. 199
Cerebus No. 200
Cerebus No. 201


The scans only need to be readable—they don't have to be print-resolution or anything.

If so, please send them to me at cerebusarthunt at gmail dot com! As always, the efforts are much appreciated.

And thanks again to those who helped out with the last request! Those links were very helpful in broadening the scope of the essay.


Lee Thacker said...

Hi Sean. I can scan and send those to you on Monday if you've had no response by then. Let me know if you still need them.

Steve said...

Sean -

If need be I can dig up print copies and mail them to you, just let me know.

Ditto on issues needed for future projects, just give me some time to find the issues and I'll get them in the mail.

You should have my email, I'd probably miss a response here -


Barry Deutsch said...

Every issue of Cerebus is scanned and available online here.

I haven't checked every single issue, obviously, but I think most or all of them include all the front and back matter. I just checked the four issues you're looking for, and they all seem to have all the front and back matter.

Sean R said...

Got em! Thanks everyone for your help!