Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Terror in a Turgid Tool

Dave Sim's notebook thirteen Cerebus notebook, which covers Cerebus #112 / 113 and some early Jaka's story notes, has been shown here seven times previously at AMoC most recently in Playing Bingo While Wearing Tight Pants. While Cerebus #112 / 113 has a cover date of July 1988, Dave and Gerhard did work that appeared in Alan Moore's AARGH! which came out in October 1988.

The first three pages of notebook #13 contain Dave's notes for the Roach story, An Untold Tale Of The Secret Sacred Wars, that appears in AARGH! Page one of the notebook is page one from the story, with all the dialogue and sketch of the Roach about to pop a kidney.

Notebook #13, page 1
The next two pages of the notebook have the dialogue for pages two to four of the story, with some extra dialogue that wasn't use and a re-write of some of it.

Notebook #13, page 2

Notebook #13, page 3


Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be Trump on the back side of page 3?


Margaret said...

I don't think so Jeff. I'm thinking it is one of the sketches of random people Dave saw while on tour. The next page has a couple sketches of a stewardess and another random dude.