Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Looking For CEREBUS IN HELL? Merchandise?

Would you buy a t-shirt from this aardvark?

Remember way back when (What? Last week?) when we offered the awesome "Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct" t-shirt in black, white or red?
They're still available at Amazon US and Amazon UK, but because of limited availability we've decided to partner with CafePress on Cerebus In Hell? merchandise.  They ship WORLDWIDE and have a WHOLE LOT MORE ITEMS than just t-shirts to choose from.  So can you now get the Amazon t-shirts there?  Nope, they shot us down on that design right away.  No amount of begging, pleading or explaining just what a parody is would make them budge.  That's okay though because thanks to a handy Dave Sim Permission Fax we're launching FOUR NEW images:

Thanks ladies! (They make them for guys too! Lots of styles, sizes and colours!)

It's not just t-shirts - there are stickers, postcards, coffee mugs, items for baby, towels, scarves, blank cards, travel mugs, hats, bedspreads, rugs, teddy bears, heck, there's even flipping shower curtain.  You'll find something...
Buy CEREBUS IN HELL? Logo Items Here!
Buy JINGLES Items Here!
Buy Cerebus Wearing a CEREBUS IN HELL? T-SHIRT Here!

These items will be available from mid June (now) until mid September.  Why?  It's comic book stuff, they're "Limited Collector's Editions" so get 'em while they're hot!  New items will be appearing in the fall.  Anyone buying any item and sending it to Dave get's extra special COOL POINTS (and probably a mention on Dave's Weekly Update).  All purchases go toward keeping Cerebus In Hell? on life support (have you seen what paper costs these days?)

Also, bonus COOL POINTS go to any AWESOME CEREBUS FAN that buys an item or items and sends photos to Matt here at AMOC.  The blog looks good, Matt looks good, you look good.  What could be easier?

And finally take a gander over at the sidebar (over there on the right) and you'll see a Little Cerebus In A CIH? T-Shirt providing you with a permanent link to this post so you won't have to panic as it makes its way down the page and then disappears into BlogPast.


Travis Pelkie said...

Actually, doesn't the CBLDF actually own the rights to the Comics Code logo now? Seriously.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


You are correct:

David said...

I can't find the Authority T-Shirts on CafePress. Are they no longer there?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


The Authority shirt is on Amazon.