Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Benjamin Hobbs:

Here's another piece of NEW Dave Sim Art from the pages of The Amicable Spider-Vark Annual #1, due out July 2020!

Next Week: More Spider-Vark goodness!


Michael Battaglia said...
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Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


He's "doing" a Michael Jackson.

I don't remember where Dave said that. (The last Kickstarter, maybe?)

Matt Dow

Jeff said...

Everyone do yourselves a favor and go look at the Cerebus YahooGroups page and download Brian Coppola's "Directors Cut" about the making of "Take On Me", by Gerhard, Carson Grubaugh, and Brian. A fascinating read. Thanks, Brian (and Margaret, for posting it).

Gerhard said...

And don't forget to show your appreciation by making a donation to Pride Stables! (No donation is too small.) It's easy just go here:


Birdsong said...

I just downloaded the "Take On Me" pages and ordered a hard copy. Really good stuff from everyone that worked on it.

You can order one here:

Lee Thacker said...

Just ordered a copy too. Thanks for the heads up, Jeff and David. Any chance of a link to the Yahoo! Group page to download it - I can't seem to find it!

Birdsong said...

Here it is, Lee. Scroll down the page a bit for links.

Lee Thacker said...

Thanks, David. Much appreciated!