Monday, 3 June 2019

*ring* *ring* Dave's calling!

Hi, Everybody!

The Cerebus In Hell? "Approval Is An Authoritarian Construct" T-Shirt is available in the US and UK. But for some reason, not Germany...

The remastered Volume 1 is available digitally for $9.99


If you got a couple of extra bucks and want to do a fellow Cerebus fan a solid, Friend of the Blog Mike Battaglia has a go fund me here.

Dave Sim is gonna call me on Thursday (unless for some reason he doesn't. But assuming he does,) anybody got any questions they want answered? No holds barred. Nothing is forbidden, everything is permitted. Any question:

 Anything at all:

Doesn't even have to be Cerebus related:

Anything you wanna know:

Honestly, anything:

Except that...
So, sound of in the comments!

Hey, and Dave sent me a copy of the bookplate that's gonna be in Jaka's Story:

So there you go.

Next Time: Oh, the pile of stuff I have to get around to just keeps getting larger...


JLH said...

There's a lot of characters in the book that are parodies, homages, or references to people, both real and fictional. One that I've never been able to figure out the source of is the Countess's friend, Vichy DuPris, from early in "Church & State I". Was he a reference to anyone in particular? The way he was drawn was very distinct, and his accent seemed to be akin to the McGrew brothers.

Tony Dunlop said...

Well, that was an Onliu accent; the McGrews were Onliu, as was Vichy (which I've always assumed is pronounced as rhyming with "Bitchy."). As is Yosemite Sam, one must assume...

Sean R said...

Congrats to Benjamin Hobbs for suggesting the winning image!

I have a question for Dave--we've seen how far ahead and how thoroughly you planned Cerebus from all of the samples from your notebooks over the years. And we've seen from your interviews, your general creative process, and even from the handful of rejected in-process Cerebus pages you posted about on AMOC, how often you improvised images, story details, and huge segments of each book.

Given this, were there ever any story elements that you regretted, from a plotting perspective, including? That is, regretted while still in the process of the book. Or times when an improvisation or less-planned element made your job harder for the duration of a book or the series?

It was very interesting to me to do a deep read of both Volume One and Minds essentially back to back and see how you incorporated all of those monthly one-shot elements into the greater whole. Just curious if any of these story points ever derailed any of the planned elements, or threatened to.

Hope that's open-ended enough!

Jeff said...

So, Dave, since I received that Cerebus page from HA today and went to look at it in the remastered CEREBUS edition, I decided to reread SMR's excellent discussion of "Cerebus" and I came across your 1996 comment about how your original artwork and Deni's writing had been, essentially, stolen by the fly-by-night publisher. So I wonder, in the ensuing 23 years since that happened, have you ever seen or heard of it up for sale? Today, that would be worth some major bucks, but do you think it just disappeared in a firesale, or something?
If it were to magically show up, would you want to buy it or have it purchased for you?

Jeff said...

I mean, in the 23 years since you told the story about what happened, not since, you know, it *actually* happened.

Jeff said...

And, so, did the scribe *actually* kill Krull, or was he just knocked out? 'Cause the following page leaves that a little unclear, I think. Of course, a large rock to the head should do it, even for Krull, the (I think) actual toughest guy you ever drew. On which character, other than...duh...did you model him? The art you did of his face was some of the best you had done up to that point, IMHO.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Re-read the issue, and the next few.

Krull ends up escaping after Cerebus gets "Mind Game"ed, and helps defeat Gudre's army. (It's in the Captain Cockroach issue.)

(Hail Stromm, Gott ov Thunder!)

Tony Dunlop said...

mmmmm...oranche creeeeamssss...

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Tony D.: Are you sure it's not a piece of overripe banana?

-- Damian

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

One hour. And. Nineteen. Minutes.

(Why are these things getting longer...)

I sent Dave everybody's questions, I think we hit them all.

Matt Dow
Known Schmuck