Thursday, 31 October 2019

See You in Court

Dave Sim's 11th notebook covers Cerebus #96 though 102. We last it back in December of 2018 in Shoo when we saw what looked like nearly completed pages. Almost all of Cerebus #97 has those almost completed pages, including page 20 on page 41 of the notebook.

Notebook #11, page 41
The layout of the panels is pretty much the same as the finished page. Astoria's line, "See you in court." is the same. The only thing that really changes is Cerebus' expression. On the notebook page it goes from surprise to anger. On the finished page, that surprised face turns to more of an 'oh shit' expression.

Cerebus #97, page 20 (aka Church & State II page 936)


Jeff said...

Brilliant (!) issue, especially the cover.

And, BTW, Astoria was *never* a victim.

Even though she was chained up (which she may have enjoyed), she was in charge all of the time.

Including when The Pope "raped" her, after she artfully placed her lacy panties on his head and (just guessing here) gave him a waft of her estrus.

Just sayin'.

Birdsong said...

Cerebus changed the conditions of the arrangement halfway through. Sure, she offered him what she had to trade, but he was supposed to let her go afterwards. Instead he gagged her, married her and raped her. I would say "married" her, but he was the pope so it was a real marriage for a few minutes. As the Spiritual and Political leader of the majority of the known world there was no authority to punish him for this action.

Dave did say quite plainly that Cerebus raped Astoria. Astoria herself said later that she goaded Cerebus into raping her hoping to become pregnant with an Aardvark (if I recall correctly).

Brian West said...

That's how I read it originally, well at least that Astoria was indeed raped by Cerebus. Weird that this was the selection for the Notebooks, considering that there's a #timesup #believeher gag in COLOLUR YOUR OWN CEREBUS IN HELL? #1, in which a "a certain supporting character's memoirs" may or may not have caused Cerebus to tweet a hashtag of his own. Page 14, I think.