Saturday, 12 October 2019


Hi, Everybody!

Rob Walton is doing a Ragmop Kickstarter. Two days left.
Vark Wars T-Shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt. These are probably going away at the end of the year.
Vark Thing.

Form & Void is OUT OF PRINT (and apparently going for a hundred bucks on Amazon...) BUT, Diamond has supposedly found some copies in the warehouse, so if you want it, tell your LCS you want it.
The Cerebus in Hell? issues that are ALMOST Sold Out are:
Sim City: That Issue After
Iron Manticore
And then the issues that are Low Stock and will soon be Almost Sold Out:
Fornicators Inc.
Canadian Vark
And High Society is available on Comixology for thirteen bucks.

So, here's an interview with Dave from Tom Root & Andrew Kardon's Writers On Comics Scriptwriting 2. The book is copywritten 2004. I'm going to break it up over the next two days.

Part One:
The cover.

How OLD is that picture?

So, Margaret, which notebook is this?

Ooo, a cliffhanger!
Next Time: "The writer" WHAT?!? Don't leave us hanging man!


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

"There had never been protests before," -- ha ha ha hah! Oh, Dave. You can still make me laugh.

-- Damian

Brian West said...

Dave's response to the question about ever bringing Cerebus to another publisher were pretty damn prescient, if I do say so myself.