Monday, 28 October 2019

The BEST Ol' AMOC Mailbag EVER!

Hi, Everybody!

You guys know the difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars?

Well today is day 301 in the Julian calendar we use at my job. Which means if you read an issue of Cerebus a day, starting on January first, you'd have finished the series yesterday.



House of Cerebus.

Larry Wooten is winning the Auction I'm doing for this with $10 USD

I'm selling these for $10 USD.
And the Ol' AMOC Mailbag got a box!
I have an address, I don't just live in the black...
"What's in the Box, Matt? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?!"

Well, lets look:

Coupons for Papa John's 517 Victoria Street South Kitchener, ON (519-208-6999)
and Pizza Pizza (519 747-11-11)

A Dutchie's Fresh Market (25 Bruce St., Kitchener, N2B 1Y4) ad

Coupons for Fionn MacCool's Restaurant & Pub (4287 King Street E., Kitchener 519-653-3111)

Harvey's has 100% Canadian Angus burgers. (I got OVER $54 dollars of coupons!)

Planet Fitness Kitchen (700 Strasburg Rd Kitchener, ON N2E2M2 519-208-4010) is doing a "$0.25 down $10 a month" deal.

Campaign ad for Stephen Woodworth, Conservative

And one for Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada's Conservatives.

Neat right?

Next Time: Junk mail? @#$%ING JUNK MAIL?!?


The box ALSO had:

"On the last Monday of the month, Matt gets a metric @#$%-ton of Cerebus number ones!"
My copy of the Vark Wars #1!

And the fellas copies too...
I got a copy signed for my wife and kids.

And one for me.
It's a 301 Day Miracle!

Next Time: More highlights from the junk in my box... I'm kidding Margaret, put down that club...


Brian West said...

It's strange to be one of the fellas there. Thanks Matt for sharing that pic. Thanks for what you do.

Jeff said...

If I could, I would vote for Woodworth! Feel free to utilize my endorsement, sir.

Jeff said...

It's so nice that my valuable (eventually) yellow Post-it-Note, with my name on it, clearly hand inscribed by Dave, will arrive with my FREE!!! copies of Vark Wars. I will keep the yellow Post-it-Note (and adjoin it to the other brilliant ones--Cerebus tree and Elrod bunny-- [as one does with yellow Post-it-Notes], so that they can all of them, Dave's notes, be together. Snuggly. In *my* archive.)

Creeped ya' out yet, Dave?

What I'ma gonna do is keep three copies and then give out the rest, first-come-first-serve at The College of Comic Book Knowledge.

So, if ya knows where it is .. yeah, I'm lookin' at you ... Dude ... then come on by next week.

I'll know who you are. But, say "Hey", first, please.

Byron said...

To celebrate, why not release issue 301 of Cerebus?

Jeff said...

Already done, B.

Jeff said...

BTW, if you're in town, and go to TCOCBK, say "Hi!" to Tim, please.

And, please, buy an ass-load of Aardvark-Vanaheim comics, as well as, maybe, some other @#$%.

Please, and thank you.