Wednesday, 9 October 2019

VARKING DEAD: A History Part 2

Benjamin Hobbs:

VARKING DEAD #1 will be on store shelves next March (not February as reported last week), but there has been a long and winding path to the comic that will appear on the shelves of your LCS next winter.

Since Dave wasn't going to use David Birsong's VARKING DEAD cover for THE WALKING DEAD MEET CIH? strips, I suggested writing strips to go with the cover.

I began by cutting out the zombie Cerebi which appeared on the Zombie variants of THE CEREBUS ARCHIVE.

Having cut the Cerebi out from their original covers, I started writing strips, and David created a version of the cover that incorporates the zombie Cerebi:

This version, like the previous one we saw last week, re-purposes the cover image from Cerebus #219:

David de-screened the image and toned it blue:

Next Week: VARKING DEAD: A History Part 3


Birdsong said...

I hadn't intended to leave the Whore of Babylon on the cover, but as I was taking the other damned figures off and adding Cerebus zombies she was sitting in the perfect spot. That's one of those happy accidents you can't plan for. There is much more to come with this one. I think this cover went through more changes than most.

Jeff said...

You're a bad, bad, boy, Mr. Birdsong.

You think of bad things, and laugh, and then make them happen.

I'm not sure that Dave would approve.

Anonymous said...

What a depressing waste of time for such a lame joke