Monday, 25 November 2019

Auctions Extravaganza!

Hi, Everybody!

So, the Vark Wars is coming out on Wednesday (if you're a Prime member, you could pick it up from your LCS in a Vark Wars shirt and blow their G__ D___ MINDS! (Free two day shipping!) (And while you're there, you can order House of Cerebus and The Silver Cerebus!) (Sh*t... that'd be a pretty full day...).

Anyway, Who's got money? 

You got money?

'Cause there's Sim Art out there:
Page 19 of issue 16 at Comicslink
Page 14 from Issue 19 at Comicslink
Original Comic Art:Panel Pages, Dave Sim and Gerhard Cerebus #161 Story Page 20 Original Art
(Aardvark-Vanaheim, 1977).
Page 20 of issue 161 at Heritage
Original Comic Art:Covers, Dave Sim Mars Attacks Zombies vs. Robots Variant Cover B Original
Art (IDW Publishing, 2013)...
Cerebus At-acks Cover at Heritage
This one is sold, but I LOVE the description:
Original Comic Art:Covers, Skottie Young Cable & Deadpool #45 Cover Original Art (Marvel,
Skottie Young Cable & Deadpool #45 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2007). Although the gag of the marked-out logo for the cover reads "Captain America & Deadpool", the cover art seems to be more like Captain Deadpool & Bucky! It's a funny cover that reminds us of early issues of Dave Sim's Cerebus. Rendered in ink over printed blue lines of Young's own pencil work on bright white Bristol board with an image area of approximately 10" x 15". There are some ink smudges in places. In otherwise Excellent condition.
And then there was this. (You know we can figure out who originally bought this, right?)

Okay, Happy Bidding Jeff (Don't give me that look, you know he is gonna...)!

Next Time: Wanna see a fax from Dave?


Jeff Seiler said...

Yup. Did.

Jake said...

Why shame people for selling THEIR portfolios?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Why do I do anything?

I team of Anthropologists from the University has been asking that for two years now...

Manly Matt Dow
(Also, I find it weird when the portfolios come up for auction. They're a niche product, why would you get rid of them?)