Sunday, 17 November 2019

Cerebus Around the World and Web #2 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

And how do we celebrate the THIRD Year of "The Reign of Terror"? We get somebody else to write a post (#Winning!)
Oliver Simonsen:
Still trying to come up with a banner...a banner featuring Matt Dow's characters "Iguana and Beer" maybe?:). Sorry for butchering your characters, Matt! I remember Dave once saying he wanted to do a photorealistic version of them. [And then he did-Matt]

This is the second Sunday of this new column - and again we start with an obituary
Tom Spurgeon was an institution that helped shaped the spirit of comicdom for a generation. He was also a huge champion of Cerebus - and supportive of the Cerebus film featuring one of our trailers on his site. Here Tom lists Cerebus among top 10 comics of all time where he adds: "...that even if he doesn't realize it, Dave won."

Cerebus fan Gabriel McCann who recently had a tour of Dave Sim's home came to visit me, from Australia, for a second time as well. Friends through Cerebus! Some of you might recognize this as the location from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", which is somewhat fitting as Dave called me a modern day Tim Burton...well, something like that:)

Gabe also bought 3 of my mom's books, about her life with the Rolling Stones among other things.

Maybe they'll have a cameo in the Cerebus film?:).

Someone is excited about the prospect of Cerebus appearing in the new Scooby movie

Early Cerebus better than Watchmen?

Cerebus "motion" comic

They are calling it the the streaming wars - and I see with the launch of Disney+ many are quoting "it all started with a mouse". Maybe time for Cerebus TV to join the fray again? It all started with an first he was but a curiosity. Cerebus TV lasted for a few years and in one of the first episodes we had a "behind-the-scenes-look documentary" in the making of our animated film. At the great comic store "Meltdown" that unfortunately is no longer around.

Fake TIME covers was in the news so here is a Cerebus one - and a reminder that Cerebus was on TIME's list of "The Funniest Comics Ever calling "...the funniest comic book around" and "...a perfectly pitched combination of the modes of Chuck Jones cartoons, Marx Brothers movies, Molière plays and Monty Python sketches"

Comic creator Kelly Williams (Top Shelf, IDW, Dark Horse, Boom, Image etc) draws Cerebus and Spawn 

Though probably not a battle, but rather a celebratory dance? As Todd and Dave will most likely hold their each respective records:) [Well if it isn't "A Moment of Ouroboros"...-Matt]

He read all of the Cerebus books at 15!

Staff Writer at UR Chicago covering Comics, Books, Video Games, Concerts, Nerd Culture, Film, & Music comments on how Cerebus is really deep

Suditech's greatest accomplishment ever this decade was doing a Cerebus review youtube series
Again, using google Spanish translate, in celebration of this feat: a synopsis summary from his Cerebus youtube review series 

Cerebus recommendation

Cerebus the wolf ghost?

Paradise Comic Store showcasing Cerebus

Comics writer, artist & editor Scott Gray says Dave Sim freelance advice is one of the best advice ever given

Producer of Baja California's Síntesis tv Octavio F. Islas shares his "Church and State" photograph hashtagged Cerebus

Moon Roach featured on #sadsuperheroesaturday

Novelist D.H. Sayer thanks Dave Sim hashtagged Cerebus and Oscar Wilde

Dave Sim and the late Kim Thompson

The next Cerebus or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Vark Wars is coming! Just got my comp copy signed by Dave Sim - and as Matt has pointed it out it is wrapped in Kitchener junk mail for added protection. At my request Matt also supplied an autograph and "Iguana and Beer" sketches!!
[Dave signed above me-Manly Matt]
[Official Dave Sim Junk Mail.-Matt]

[Never ask for a sketch on a comic that only has 1/4" of white space-Matt]

[The back of the Certificate of Authenticity-Matt]


Anonymous said...

Oh right, I remember that drawing now, the photorealistic "Iguana and Beer" -I'm getting old.

- Oliver

Jeff said...

Add to the list: In thee Neil Gaiman-scripted BBC show, "Good Omens", Ep. 3, around the 5 minute mark:

The angel runs into the demon in a bar in ancient Rome and the angel says, "Oh, Crowley, fancy meeting you here! Still a demon, then?"

And Crowley replies, "Still a demon? What kind of stupid question is that? Of course I'm a demon! What else would I be? An aardvark?!?"

Tony Dunlop said...

The guy on the left in photo #3 looks like what Rick Danko might look like today had he lived...RIP Rick. "Please don't make him stop...let him take it from the top!"