Saturday 16 November 2019

Aw geez... (#2)

Hi Everybody!

So this past Thursday was the fourteenth.

And Aw geez... November Fourteenth is the anniversary of when I took this gig.

Two years. Four more and I'm done (right Tim?).

Kidding, nobody gets this Blog until they pry it from my cold dead hands...

Ya know, the other day I was running the numbers, and if I posted a page a day, JUST one page a day starting with this one:

And just kept going until I hit this one:
I'd have posts for the next sixteen years and a hundred and ninety-eight days. (That's based on JUST the three hundred issues plus the Silverspoon strips. That's not including anything from the 1995 World Tour Book, Cerebus Jam, glamourpuss, Judenhass, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, or Cerebus in Hell?) (Or factoring Dave's Weekly Updates, Margaret's notebook columns, Cerebus and Hobbs, Please Hold For Dave Sim, Oliver's new column, or if "Reading Cerebus" ever comes back...)

So, basically, welcome back to Square One
Remember when we learned that "Cerebus in silhouette" meant a return to Square One? Good times...
And here's to Year Three!

Next Time: Wow. After that, it had better be pretty Epic. Gonna be a bit of  letdown if I just rummage through the ol' AMOC Mailbag...


Brian West said...

Here's to 16.54 more YEARS, Matt! Congratulations!

Jeff said...

Yer doin' a helluva job, Brownie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt!
So pleased that AMOC is in capable hands and is still alive and kicking.
Wish I had more time to help out but the new job has been all consuming.
Still no SDOAR? What’s Dave been up to all this time exactly?
(Ex-AMOC editor... not coming back in a hurry!)