Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Cerebus and Dave Sim on Netflix?!?

Benjamin Hobbs:

Hey "Manly" Matt, do I win the award for "Most Click-Bait Title On AMOC In 2019"?

Last night I was watching season three of THE TOYS THAT MADE US on Netflix. This documentary series chronicles the history of various toy lines, each episode focusing on the story of a specific line.  One of the episodes in the new season features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

About five minutes into the episode the Narrator describes Eastman and Laird creating the TMNT and then goes on to say, "After further developing the characters and story, with limited resources, Eastman and Laird self-published their very first issue."

This text is accompanied by this photo:
On the left we see Laird and Eastman holding up issues of Cerebus, and on the right we see someone holding up a copy of TMNT... is that Dave?  I faxed him and this is his reply:

Cerebus appears again in the documentary about a minute later.  Peter Laird says, "Issue 8 sold 135,000 copies."  And it is accompanied by this image:

Cerebus is not mentioned by name in either brief appearance. (Aside from the cover of TMNT #8, obviously.)

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Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

5 minutes and 56 seconds, in case you are an obsessive Cerebus fan like me...

Manly Matt Dow

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

6:45 for Turtles #8.