Wednesday, 6 November 2019

VARKING DEAD: A History Part 5

Benjamin Hobbs:

VARKING DEAD #1 will be on store shelves next March, but there has been a long and winding path to the comic that will appear on the shelves of your LCS next winter.

The next version of the cover has some curly fries added:

The Varking Dead Book 1: Your Want Fries?

David Birdsong suggested adding a third fry.  The top fry was moved behind the logo. Below is the (hopefully) FINAL version of the cover that will appear on the comic:


 Next Week: Have you Coloured your own copy of COLOUR YOUR OWN CEREBUS IN HELL?


Birdsong said...

Don't miss this one. It's another chance for A-V to get sued by a nation-wide franchise!

Anonymous said...

as if anybody is going to waste their time suing a lunatic who still uses a fax machine