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Cerebus Around the World and Web #62 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

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Oliver Simonsen:

Our film now has an imdb listing - we are somebody now!
Still working on getting all the credits and info on there

An animation company that is maybe kinda similar in spirit to ours was recently launched. I don't know too much about it yet admittedly, but seems very cool

Gerhard New Year greeting

Margaret Liss: FYI - the page for the High Society book has been updated. Scroll to the bottom to see some of the goodies that will come with the deluxe version of the book.

Legendary Steve Rude shares his Cerebus drawing

Cerebus on legendary Dylan Horrocks' "4 comics that came out (& that I read) when I was 14".

TV Producer and Writer Adam Barken's "4 comics that came out (& that I read) when I was 14"

TV Producer and Writer Larry Bambrick has a lot of lovely memories of Cerebus

Cerebus Spawn remastered #10 Halloween edition received

Cerebus and Spawn

Chaz says: be living in a country that is no different than a parody poster in the back of a 1993 comic book about a petulant aardvark.

Cerebus and the pinetree atsa true

Trump is Cerebus in "Chruch and State"

Believes in God because of Cerebus

Award-winning children's author starts writing Cerebus sequel

The multiple award winning Jesse Lee Herndon is back with his ongoing Cerebus vlog review series!!

Jesse got this amazing Cerebus plaque

And Jesse was titled "special friend" 2 years in a row (at least twice - so many awards i can't keep up!)
[Still suitable for framing -Matt]
[Ditto. -Matt]

And if that's not enough review here's from lifelong Cerebus fan Andrew Rilstone's ongoing Cerebus review.
From Andrew's latest instalment: "There is a kind of fan who demands story: who reads texts and watches movies only to know what happens next where artistry and form are irritants." "One kind is breathlessly waiting for the final Game of Thrones; the other re-reads To The Lighthouse every few years."

Speaking of Game of Thrones here's a couple of mashups

Cerebus recommended

Cerebus and Log

Cerebus Syndrome part of vernacular

Cerebus cover book from IDW

Cerebus Selfpublishing Guide

Art Baltazar's new Cerebus drawing gets highlighted today by the new site of former Editor-in-Chief of ComicVine Tony Guerrero

Cerebus and Omaha

Cerebus fan shares his license plate and more (click for slideshow)

Elrod the Albino highlighted

Cerebus on cover for Guide to Canadian comics

ComicScene Magazine (the only dedicated monthly magazine to comics and comic culture in the UK and Ireland) has a new issue coming out that focuses on 1977 the year that launched Cerebus, 2000AD and Star Wars.

Cerebus and Punpun. From the article:
Just like Cerebus himself, Punpun is a cartoonish creature that’s a bit on the abstract side but still very expressive. He’s always surrounded by gorgeous and realistically-drawn backgrounds, and by humans who actually look like humans.
In Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud talks about abstract and realistic characters, and why one might want to pay more attention to design: the more you simplify a character, the more the reader can identify with it. You can then enhance the capacity for projection in your comic book.

CBR article on X-men: Belasco's enforcer is a demon known as S'ym (the name is a play on Dave Sim, the writer/artist of Cerebus, who had been doing a longrunning Wolverine parody at time in the pages of Cerebus known as Wolveroach, so this was Claremont sort of playing with Sim). We then see S'ym break off one of Wolverine's adamantium claws with ease...

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie

"January cover challenge" features Cerebus cover
Michael Hunt wearing a Cerebus mask

Btw I'm not going to be reposting from the Cerebus facebook group anymore as it's too much work to keep up with.
Thanks Oliver!

Carson is Auctioning off Strange Death of Alex Raymond art. Current bid is $50 (USD!) to Jeff Seiler.
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Anyway, I'm selling something on the eBays. A big bundle of "rare" Cerebus in Hell? comics, including a copy of Vark Wars and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back that I took with me on vacation so they've been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Next Time: "Where's ma pitchy-fark?!?"

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Thanks, Oliver, for the shout out. You, Sandeep, and Dave were always my biggest supporters at doing those videos.