Tuesday, 5 January 2021

SDOAR Update and Art Auction

Hi, Everybody!

Dave's calling on Thursday, so get your questions in to momentofcerebus@gmail.com.

And the All New, All Different Rigamarole is in the post below this one, it's all the same $#!*...
Carson Grubaugh:

Hi all!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! High hopes for a better 2021, right!?

One great thing that will be coming your way this year is the completed The Strange Death of "The Strange Death of Alex Raymond" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used winter vacation to finish the artwork for my ending to the book and can officially announce that I AM DONE ILLUSTRATING THE BOOK!!!!! From here on out it is all digital preparation.

The book will have 324 pages of comics content, which includes all of SDOAR V1, all of SDAOR V2, Dave's 21 page beginning to SDAOR V3, and my 46 page ending sequence.

Sean and I have decided to self-publish the book. We plan to do a limited edition run on Kickstarter that will help fund a wide-release into comic shops and, hopefully, book stores. If anyone knows anyone who can help with that later goal that would be amazingly helpful.

As part of the fundraising I intend to auction off my original art from SDOAR. My primary goal for these funds is to purchase a COVER on Diamond's Previews, mostly because I think it would be hilarious to kick Marvel off the cover for a month with a Dave Sim project, but also because I believe this is a big event for the medium and should be celebrated as such! Last we checked that price tag was $6000.

With all that new stimulus money burning holes in your pockets it seemed like a good time to start these auctions.

Up for grabs this time, some Jack cheesecake from early on in SDOAR Volume 1. Pen and ink 11" x 17" on Bristol board.
[Click for bigger- Matt]

The auction will run for two weeks in the comment section here on AMOC. Winning bidder will pay shipping (and shipping insurance if they want it). Venmo is the preferred payment method. If you want to use Paypal you will have to pay the transaction fee.

Thank you all so much for being so patient with this project and for continually supporting our efforts to get it across the finish line!


Thanks Carson!

To CLARIFY: The auction ends at 11:59PM Central Standard Time (IE: Chicago time) on January 19th, 2021.

Happy bidding!

Next Time: Hobbs auctions some of his art (he gets jealous...)


MichaelVP said...

Count me in!!! Can't wait!! (but I will if I have to!)

Jeff said...

Carson: Was it Dave or Ger who drew the galaxy on Jack? Seriously, $50 for the page, $200 if there's any Sim on it.

carson said...


No Sim or Ger on any of my pages, no.

Thanks for the bid!!!

Jeff said...

De nada.

Anonymous said...

You won’t actually be pushing Marvel off the cover, because they have their own supplement. As DC has left the building completely, both covers are by now Indie Exclusive. But kudos for ‘dreaming big’. Any chance of there ever being a direct market edition of You Don’t Know Jack?

PatreonYves said...

I may bid on art. This one I wouldn't go over $50 so I think I'm out of the running. When is the Kickstarter going up? Count me in on that!

Carson Grubaugh said...


That is good news. I thought it was all Marvel and Image dominated. Shows how often I get into stores lately. I was worried being able to buy a cover wouldn't actually ensure them having a cover to sell.

No re: YDKJ. Especially now that Biden will be president. That book only makes sense to me with Trump in office.

Keep an eye here, the plan is to slowly auction off all of the art I did for the book. Any particular page/s you are interested in?

Ted Adams said...

Hi Carson. I’ll bid $100 for the page. I think this is the first message I’ve ever left on a website so apologies if I haven’t done it right. :) Thanks. Ted Adams

momentofcerebus said...

Ted Adams (wait, THE Ted Adams?),

Your bid of $100 (USD) is logged, and you are currently winning.

(It'll be in the most recent post at the top of the blog until you win/are outbid, which ever comes first.)

Manly Matt Dow

Carson Grubaugh said...

Thank you so much, Ted!