Monday, 11 January 2021

Don't shoot the messenger...

Hi, Everybody!

Speaking of Dave, I got a package:
That is indeed my real address, this photo was not manipulated in ANY way...

"What was in it Matt? A stack of Monday reports? A cease-and-desist letter? Candid photos of Connie Lingus? WHAT MATT, WHAT?!?"

Well, I got a bunch of stuff:

Signed High Society Regency Edition post card

Another Signed High Society Regency Edition post card

Another another Signed High Society Regency Edition post card

Another, another another Signed High Society Regency Edition post card

A Signed copy of the misprinted Cerebus in Hell? 2021


Signed Batvark: XXXXX second print


A signed Spawn #10 Halloween cover trading car (this is not my card, I'm just recycling an image from Oliver's column yesterday...)

Which is all neat, but these next two are where I'ma gonna get "torches and pitchforks", I just know it...

An UNSIGNED "AP Artist's Proof" of the exclusive Spawn #10 Halloween cover
Um, I added the Hello-Spawnee. *Ahem* SPOILERS!

See, Artist's Proof

I didn't buy one of them, mostly because I didn't really have the money, and partly because how many black and white copies of the Violator in a dress made of a billion dollars does one person need?

I ASLO got:
An UNSIGNED copy of one of the 54 copies of the exclusive Halloween cover Spawn #10
(Also, Hello-Spawnee can eat a dick, It's MY damn Blog... Now you guys can see what was SO dang controversial...)

#53. So the Cerebus in Hell? 2021 and Batvark: XXXXX second print #53s make more sense.

That I AGAIN, didn't buy. (I was broke at Halloween.)

Which means Dave (or Cerebus...) sent me copies just because. (Or Eddie bought me copies...) 

So THANKS Dave! (Or Cerebus.) ((Or Eddie.))

If you're gonna "torches and pitchforks" me, gimme a ten minute head start to get to the windmill at the minigolf place to make my "final stand".  It's tradition...

Carson is Auctioning off Strange Death of Alex Raymond art. Current bid is $100 (USD!) to Ted Adams. (Wait, THAT Ted Adams? I dunno. Guess we will find out...)
_________________________________, 10% off with code "2021" at checkout. 
Your store will be on sale:
Jan 13 – 16
Jan 27 – 29
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off! That means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more.
Anyway, I'm selling something on the eBays. A big bundle of "rare" Cerebus in Hell? comics, including a copy of Vark Wars and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back that I took with me on vacation so they've been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Next Time: Time for the first "Special Friend of the Blog" of 2021? Already?


Anonymous said...

Matt it was a gift from a purchaser who bought an extra copy for you for all the hard work you do on the site who, wishes to be anonymous (no not Dave or me).

Anonymous said...

It was me.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

It's always the chicks' fault with Dave, isn't it?

-- Damian

Brian West said...

Congratulations Matt for receiving some unexpected booty and some Penis.

Anonymous said...

So I guess those of us who like to read this blog and the Facebook page without really needing to make comments have to put up with yet another year of Damian Lloyd's mean spirited commentary. I've rarely seen a more perfect example of what is known at the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Congratulations, Damian, you are finally good at something.


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Aw Neil, what are you tryin' ta do -- hurt my feelings?

-- Damian

Michael R. said...

A 3rd version of the High Society hardcover has been added onCerebus Overload.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Ah, thank you, Michael R.! Count me among those who would buy a nice hardcover set of the complete work; alas, that seems unlikely to happen, but we can dream, can't we?

-- Damian

JLH said...

I just noticed CerebusOverload has a new discount code, for this weekend only. The code? "Regency". [insert The Office gif of "it's happening!"] (I doubt they'll unveil the books when you get use a discount code to get them, though)

Steve said...

I received my Halloween Edition package editions yesterday -- unfortunately, given the flimsy bubble mailer, comic backing board insert for support, and some heavy duty *WHACK* in transit, all 5 issues have damage clear thru the books.

So much for CGC 10.0 Gem Mint slabbing glory and early retirement off the eBay sales...


Steve said...

An update:

Spoke with Dave earlier this evening. I will be returning the damaged Halloween issues and they'll get replaced. Dave is wanting to keep the actual 'in existence' copies at the number of orders.

He will replace other damaged issues from other buyers with a similar agreement: the damaged goods gotta get sent back to Cerebus.

More info may follow courtesy of Eddie / Matt here on AMOC